Stories by Becks



The Dueling Lancers

Dueling Cousins

Dueling Thieves

Dueling Brothers

Response to Intervention

Double Dipping

Boys Will Be Boys (But At Whose Expense?)

Why Me?

Maria's Great, I Got Some Chocolate Cake

Fruity Monkey Brains

Meddlesome Trouble (1)

Meddlesome Trouble (2)

Meddlesome Trouble (3)

Meddlesome Trouble (4)

The Long Awaited Journey

Big Feet, Big Trouble

Just Real Fun

We Can Do It

Just Another Whirlwind

A Sheep in a Herd of Cattle

What In Sam Hills Is Going On?

A Chance in Life

Can't Save Them All

How Lucky Can We Be

One for the Road

The One

Plaguing Revenge

What Guardian Angels Talk About?

A Contemplating Moment


My Turn

Morning After

Shoot 'Em

I Won

The Adventures of Little Johnny and Friend: No Bones About It

Soul Searching Life-Wrenching Need

What Lies at the Bottom of a Well?

Ride 'em Cowboy

Hello. . . Anybody There?


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