Morning After
by  Becks

Again, all in fun, so excuse my mistakes.  Hope you enjoy!


“Ugh, damn, that’s smart.  Whoa…”

“Can you keep it down brother and what… are you… doing in… my bed?”

Johnny opened one eye.  “I ain’t in your bed.  You’re in mine.”

“I hate to bicker John, but I’m not in… your bed either.  I’m on the floor and it’s not too comfortable, ugh.” Scott tried to roll over.

“Cain’t a man get some shut eye…  argh… without you two yappin’ so early in the morn’.  What’d I have for dinner, cotton?”


“Brother, I would greatly appreciate some help getting up here.  Seems I’m stuck to the floor.”

“Dang it.  You two are noisier than a cougar trying to mate.”


“I swear little brother, we’re experiencing an earthquake.  Only the epic center is in your room.”

“Will ya’ help you brother, so’d he shut up. Yuck, I need ta’ cough up this fur ball.  Shit…  you’re right, earthquake or a stampede, damn… m-m-m-m, cough, argh, cough, cough.”

“Val, how the hell… nope, what the hell are ya’ doing in my… oh mamita… shit quit rocking the bed will ya’?”

“I ain’t… you are.”  Val grumbled a response.

“Hey, I managed to get up on all fours.”  Scott stared at the floor.  “How does a dog do it in this position all day?”

Slowly placing his legs over the side to sit, he looked greener than a leprechaun and kept his eyes shut. “Don’t mean to offer my educated opinion Boston, but dogs don’t do it all day?”

“Oh…  I stand corrected.  Now are you going to help me get off this…  wait… OK…  no… wait.”

“Let me know when you’re ready.  I’ll just sit here… whoa, I’ll just sit here.”

“Well, if ya’ jus’ gonna sit there, pass me a glass of water.  I swear that was a rat I just coughed up.”

“Val… please stop moving… the bed.”

“Quit ya’ belly aching.  I ain’t on your bed.  I’m on the floor next to your bed.”

Johnny felt the movement again.  He forced his eyes to open, spotted his brother sprawled out, again, didn’t see Val anyway, then felt the fear of God.  “Val, Scott, if you two are on the floor, who did I just share my bed with?”  He darned not turn.

“It’s not like we haven’t shared a bed before… son.  Now let your old man sleep and shut up.”

“Murdoch!” All three sang in unison.

“For the love of God, please, please quit yelling my name.  My head feels like Johnny shot me and the bullet is still twirling around.”

“I aim to please.  Do I need to send Cip to get Sam?  Don’t want that bullet to shoot right out your ear… or mouth and hit one of us.”  Johnny attempted a laugh then reached up to grab his head. “Oh, too late, it’s now in my head.”

“Good, you deserve it for being disrespectful to you Pa’.  Now go get me some coffee.”  He turned on his side and pushed Johnny on the butt with his hand.

“Hey old man,  I ain’t...  Ow, see ya’ made me fall off my bed.”

“Wha-a-a …ar…  mmm, you  complaining …  bout… you  lan’d on me, ummphfff.”

“Thanks Boston.  I ‘preciate ya.’”  He just sat on his brother stomach.

“Get me some coffee too, will ya’ amigo mio?”  Val crawled over to their side of the floor then peeked up onto the bed.  “Murdoch, tell your boy here to get his ass movin’.  Will ya?”

“Hm-m-m-m….boy, get your ass movin,’” He swung his large arm over the bed and missed Johnny.  Johnny just giggled at the attempt.

Then there was silence.  No one spoke, except some occasional grunts, until the door swung open. “Good morning, everyone!”

“Murdoch, please keep your voice down.  You sound like a cheery bear and it hurts my head.”

Scott managed to open his eyes and saw at an upside down Teresa.

“Very funny Scott, lunch is ready.  Thought I’d come see if you were alive.  Yup you are. I’ll go tell Maria, Bye.”

“Did she say…  lunch?”  Johnny made himself more comfortable.

“Comfy there, brother? Because, I am ready to wet your behind if you keep pushing down on my abdomen.”  He had a smile to win all.

Johnny just rolled over and slumped down next to Val.  “Sure did have a good time amigo, thanks.”  He slapped Val on the stomach.

“Do that again and I’ll arrest ya’.”  Val slapped him back.

“Has the earthquake stopped?” Murdoch was now sitting on the edge of the bed. “Good.  Where’s my coffee son?”

“It’s downstairs.  Now why don’t you be a loving Pa’ and carry me over to the kitchen?  Don’t think my legs are connected to my brain.”  He looked up at his Pa’ and gave him a little boy pout.

“Nope, ain’t fair little brother.  If he carries you then he’ll have to carry me as well.  Ain’t that right father?”  Scott also pouted, smiled, and placed his hands under his head.

Murdoch firmly grabbed the edge of the bed and managed a growl. “Get both of your asses to the kitchen before I kick them there!”  He voice was louder than he expected and all three jumped up and ran out the door.  “Damn that hurt my head.”

He struggled to get up and stand. ‘I should have told them to carry me first.  ohhhhh.’


The End






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