by  Becks


Fun, fun, fun.  You’ll probably figure this one out.  It’s too easy.



The gun fired. “Ah, hell….”

“Run!  Hurry, argh, get… moving!  Don’t… let… them… catch… us!” and they ran.

Plop, uumphfff… geez, Scott.  Do you have two left feet?  Get up, hurry!”

Aha! I got ya’.  Get over here.”  Snag, grab and release. 

Oh, no-o-o-o-o-o,  ah, damn, ow!”

“Don’t do that.  You’re messing me up.”  They ran like a bat out of hell.

Uuummph..fffff,  ouch, that hurt.  Hey, let go Scott.  Let go of my collar!”

“Brother if… I don’t… carry you… we’ll never… get there!  Now… run!”

“I’m losing… my… footing…  a-a-a-a-a-ah… jump… jump, slide!”

“We made it, ‘huff’ and none too soon, brother, ‘gag’ none too soon.”  They laid flat on their back catching their breaths.

Murdoch looked down on their sweaty faces and smiled. “Well boys, I’m sorry to say that Jelly and Teresa won the three legged sack race.”

Slapping his brother on the stomach, Johnny gasped for air. “I tell ya’ Scott, ‘wheez’, you got two left feet, ‘cough’!”








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