A Contemplating Moment
by  Becks


 Beauty is all around us.  With Spring coming around in all its glory, I usually take a few minutes to admire it.   Hope you enjoy this little drabble.



‘This land is beautiful.  Who would have thought I’d be alive and happy?’


Most of the time ranch hands get on the fence and manage to balance themselves comfortably and sit.  They either sit to observe work being done inside the corral or to relax a bit before continuing to work.


This time was for a relaxing moment, just to take it all in without worries, just plain peace of mind, body and soul, and it felt good, for once it finally felt good.


“Son, are you all right?”


“Oh, hi Murdoch.  Yeah, I’m fine, just fine.” He offered his father a smile assuring him all was fine and then turns back to the view.


Murdoch stood next to him and placed a hand on his sons leg.  “Good, good.  I’m glad.  You just look so pensive and I was concerned.”


“No need to be.  Really.  I am fine.  Actually, I feel great.”


They both continued to enjoy the beautiful sunset.  “This is the best part of the day.”


“What?  Sitting here and not work or sitting here and admiring the sunset?”


His son laughed a bit.  “Both, but especially the sunset part.”


“Yes.  I agree.  It is beautiful and quite serene.”


“Yup.  It makes me feel… at peace.”


Murdoch patted his son’s leg as he turned to leave.  “Enjoy it son.  We’ll wait on you for dinner.”


‘This land and everyone on it are just magnificent!  Yes sir, I am lucky to have made it this far.’


He jumped off and walked into the hacienda to join his family.






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