Dueling Cousins
by  Becks


This is a follow up from the story, a few years later, that has been posted on Karen's site, "Dueling Lancers".

At the suggestion of another Lancer fan, thanks for the idea Marlene!  I let my imagination run with this one, as a somewhat continuation of the first "Dueling Lancers". Hope you enjoy and please excuse the mistakes.



Rambling could be heard from around the corral.  Two small figures ran through the enclosed area then slipped through the fence.  Their intent was to go find another hiding place, but kept arguing with each other.

“You are the one that started it.   It was your idea and I am going to tell your Papi.”

Juanito turned around and kept walking backwards as he taunted his cousin.  “Aye, ‘I’m going to tell your Papi.’   Carlitos, you need to live up to your age.”

Carlitos stopped dead and his expression mutated into different contortions as he attempted to tell his cousin something vitally important. 

Juanito took notice of the warning, stopped cold, and looked for more signs on his cousin’s face.  Not really receiving anything enlightening, he decided to take two more steps back and met up with an obstacle.

Carlitos bowed his head down and slightly shook his head.  ‘Aye Dios, we are now dead meat!’

Juanito nodded is head acknowledging the problem and reached his right hand back. He felt the obstruction that stood there behind him.  Yup, sure enough, there it was, pants with buttons on the sides. ‘Ah, hell!’  He started fingering one of the buttons and bent his head back to look up at his now furious father’s.  “Hola Papi.”

Johnny stood, arms crossed, staring at his son with a look that could scare off a rattlesnake from striking.  Juanito straighten his head and bowed it while releasing a deep deep sigh.

Meanwhile, Carlitos thought he could take advantage of the interaction that was being had between father and son and figured it was best to skedaddle out of there. He slowly proceeded to shuffle his feet to the side of the fence to run like hell out of there; unfortunately for him, his quicker than lightening uncle managed to catch him.

Both boys stood still and like quick-draw gunslingers they both raised their arms and pointed at each other.  All Johnny heard was a unison, “HE DID IT!”

Their grandfather and a now retired doctor friend sat under the veranda watching the entire scenario.  “Seems our little bandits have been caught.”  Murdoch just chuckled.  From a short distance they could hear the boys cry of pain. 

Aye, aye… Papi that hurts!”

“Ti-i-i-o-o-o, my ears are too small for your big hands, Aye!”

Yup, Johnny Madrid Lancer was now dragging his son and nephew by the ears to the woodshed for some much needed discipline.  Sam spoke up between chuckles, “With all the times those boys get pulled into the woodshed by their ears, it’s a wonder they don’t have elephant ears.”  Both men just laughed until they spotted Scott running up.

Murdoch stood and just pointed towards the woodshed as he wiped his eyes.  “He found them.”

Scott huffed out a disappointed grunt and took off to help Johnny out.  “I swear Sam, with all the friction caused by the whopping on those boys, it is a miracle the woodshed has not burned down.”  They knew they shouldn’t be laughing, but they also knew that the father’s would never step over a safe boundary.  Moments later all four Lancers appeared before them.

Sam and Murdoch were able to compose themselves and sat waiting to see what the next event was going to be.

Juanito and Carlitos were hitching some sobs.  Scott and Johnny were exasperated and very upset.  “WELL BOYS… don’t you have something to tell your grandpa?”  Johnny sternly asked.

“OK, Papi.”  Juanito bowed his head and Johnny nudged him.  He raised his head and looked at his grandfather. “Buelo, I’m sorry about the mess.”

Scott spoke up next. “Carlos?”

“Fine sir.  Grandpa, me too.”  Scott placed his hand on the shoulder of his not so sincere son.  “Aye, OK… Grandpa… I’m sorry for the mess Juanito made.”

Murdoch tried hard to contain a laugh. Meanwhile, Sam had to turn and hide his face away from their audience.

Scott tightens the grip on his son’s shoulders. “Maybe another visit to the woodshed is needed, Carlos Manuel!”

Carlitos head shot up, “NO, OK, sorry…  “  He tried to take a step up closer to his grandfather but Scott held firmly to his shoulder.  Carlitos cleared his throat and looked at his grandfather with some dignity.  Imitating his father words, he finalized his apology. “Grandfather, I am truly sorry for the misunderstanding that Juanito and I might have caused in the kitchen.  It was not our intend.”  He bowed with satisfaction.

Juanito snickered at the remark his cousin bestowed on them knowing that there was some sarcasm in his apology.  Johnny whacked him on the head.  “Aye.

Scott just shook his head. “That’ll have to do for now, but rest assure young man that this is not over.”  Carlitos just nodded agreeing. ‘Yeah, I know.’

It was getting tougher for Murdoch to control himself.  Sam had completely lost it and went to stand by the French doors to wipe the tears from his eyes.

Murdoch looked at both boys and placed his hands on his knees.  “You know boys, the person you are suppose to be apologizing to is Maria!”

Both boys flung their head up.  Juanito was the first to speak up. “Buelo, we didn’t mean to scare the sh… “  Whack, another slap to the back of his head.  “… What Papi?  I was going to say shoes!  We didn’t mean to scare the shoes off Maria’s feet! Yeech.”

Carlitos just stood there supporting his cousin with a few nods and a scrunched mouth.  “Yup, I heard my pa say that frog legs was good eating, so we thought we’d give it a try, right Cuz’?”

Juanito looked at Carlitos and nodded. “Yeah.”

Murdoch smiled and grabbed the pitcher of lemonade and to pour himself a glass.  He turned to look at the boys and instructed them to go into the kitchen and pray that Maria was not holding her wooden spoon.  Picking up his glass, he watched his grandsons disappear into the house.  Licking his lips in anticipation of the cool drink, he lifted the glass up to his lips and stopped cold when he spotted two webbed feet hanging on for dear life from the rim of his glass as two bulging eyes stared at him. 

He looked up at his sons whom where now holding each other up and laughing uncontrollably.  Placing the glass down, he stood with a scorned frown on his face.

Scott and Johnny ceased their outburst and watched as their father started to reach for his belt.  They looked at each other and just like fast drawing gunslingers raised their arms up and pointed accusingly.  “HE DID IT!”

They hightailed it towards the corral with Murdoch close behind.  The delightful days air carried the uncontrollable cough-stricken laugh that Sam released as he landed on his knees clutching his stomach.


The End of another dueling adventure.






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