Just Real Fun
by  Becks

Just for fun. Hope you enjoy. Mistakes are all mine.  Please excuse them, if not, then ignore them!


"I tell ya' it will be fun."

"Yes brother, but is it safe."

"Of course it's safe.  Would I steer you wrong?"

"Do you seriously want me to answer that?" He looked at him sarcastically.

"Come on, try it."

"Oh, please, little brother, why don't you try it first?  After all it is your idea and your plan!"

"See there, Scott, I'm just giving you the privilege of enjoying a new experience, being the older brother and all."  He smiled mischievously.

"Ah, the older brother card," He looked and thought.  "Why don't I just let you take the lead on this one little brother?  Especially since you're always out to prove you are, shall we say, mature."

"Yes, yes you are right, but being the older brother, you have to set a good example and be a great role model for me.  Isn't that a part of your big brother book?"

"Come on you two.  I am aging here.  Let's see which one of you is brave or dumb enough to try it."  Val was lounging under the large tree.

"Now Val," They looked at each other.  "We both believe in letting our elders go first.  Why don't you give it a go and show us youngster how it's done?" Scott winked at Johnny who was nodding in agreement.

"Nice try fellows.  Don't get me involved in them hair-brain ideas of yours'. It's all your doing and I ain't that stupid.  I'm just gonna lay here and enjoy the show."

"See there Boston.  He's just going to enjoy the show.  So show him how it's done."

Scott stared at the contraption, "Seems you are in a state of mind to use me as a guinea pig for your medial attempt to find some enjoyment, little brother."

"Now big brother, you're hurting my feelings."  He started to walk over to the platform.

Looking over the side, he just accepted the inevitable.  "Well, guess I might as well give it a go."

He reached out, grabbed the rope, yanked it to check that it was tied securely, took a deep breath, held tight, stepped back, shook his head and with three huge steps forward, he swung himself off.

"Yee-haw!" He swung  to and fore then released his grip.  There was a big splash followed by a loud 'grunt'.

Scott scrunched his eyes and bit his lips as he watched his little brother do a complete and amazing belly flop into the water. 'U-u-u-ugh, damn that must have hurt."

Val was rolling on the ground choking with laughter.

Scott walked over to the edge of the platform and looked over.  "Johnny...?  You OK there brother?"

Johnny just floated on his stomach, not moving a muscle.  Gasping, he uttered, "Su...re... easy as pie... just real... fu-u-n-n-n...ughphphttt."






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