Meddlesome Trouble (4)
by  Becks



Chapter Twenty-One

Murdoch had not moved his stance.  He was still waiting for someone to talk.

Johnny was leaning his head back on the chair.  Sergio had his eyes closed waiting for Johnny to explain.

"Murdoch…. Pa'"  He smiled.  "This is my friend Sergio."  He waved his hand in the direction of the couch.  "Sergio this is my Pa, Murdoch."

Murdoch couldn't believe it.  "John… uh, Sergio, under normal circumstance I would say it is a pleasure to meet you, but right now I want answers."

Sergio just lifted his hand and waved.  "It's ok Mr. Murdoch.  I completely understand and I want to thank you for taking care of my niece, all of you."  He placed his hand back on his forehead.

Murdoch shook his head. He mellowed out when he saw the pain in the injured man face and the exhausted face on his youngest. 'Now is not the time old man.'

"Right then, I guess it can wait until Sam has a look at you."

Johnny smiled, but he also wanted answers as well, about the Indio who stabbed him and his mix up with Capitan, but he too would have to wait.

Doctor Jenkins entered the hacienda and he almost left with what he saw.  There was Johnny slumped on the chair with one boot on and one boot off.  Murdoch was at his desk leaning back with his eyes closed.  Scott was sitting at the dining table, elbows on the table, head resting on his palms and eyes closed.  His also spotted a stranger stretched out on the couch with a young lady sitting on the floor next to him then there was Teresa.  She looked up and gave him a smile from where she sat, knitting.

He cleared his throat very loudly.  "Who's my patient here?  I've already taken care of the injured hand.  Johnny?"

Johnny opened one eye.  "Sorry to disappoint you Doc, but it's my friend over there."  He yawned.  "I'm just here to make sure he let's you check him out."  He closed his eye and released a deep breath.

"Yeah amigo?"  Sergio grabbed the back of the couch and pulled himself up to glance at the Sam.  "Hiya Doc, don't mean to burden ya' any, but these people seem to think I need some nursing."  He groaned as he lay back down.  "I've had worse."

Sam walked over to the couch.  "I've heard that before. Excuse my young lady."  He knelt down next to Sergio.  "Let's see here young man."


Chapter Twenty-two

Cari stood up and looked at her Tio.  "You know Doctor he has had worse.  One time he got kicked by a stubborn mule and…"

Johnny sat up straight. "Hey, I resent that."

Cari rolled her eyes.  "Oh yeah, well that's another story." She giggled.

Once more Sergio grabbed the back of the couch and lifted himself up to look at Johnny.

"Member when you and I…" He chuckled and moaned.  "…we used to get to fighting when we were bored and you… aye, you…." He was now letting loose that contagious laugh as he remembered.

He fell back and wrapped his arms around his stomach.  Then he held his hand up to

Sam, as he tried to control himself.  "Johnny couldn't get his leg to…" More laughter.

"So I put my hand on his…." more laughter and snorts.  "Oh, man, he just looked like…"

By then Johnny was also clutching his stomach laughing and Cari had her back to her Tio trying to control herself.  Sam was amused but very patient so he waited to hear the story.

"Aye, hermano, you could sure show me a good time."  He wiped his tears.  "Ahhhhhh, Ok Doc. I'm ready." 

Scott walked up to Sergio.  "That's it! Johnny could sure show you a good time."  He wanted to hear more.  Any sort of information Scott could get about his brother was welcomed, but this did not suffice.  "That's it!"  He looked at Johnny.

His expression was enough to get them to burst out, once more.  Sam just stood up and walked over to the liquor cabinet.  Murdoch had the drink ready and just handed him the glass.  Scott was now a part of this stomach clutching tear provoking laugh.

"How long do you think this is going to last Murdoch?"  Sam sipped his drink.

"Only they know Sam.  Only they know."  Then Murdoch chuckled and snorted.

"OK, then I'll have another please." Handing Murdoch his empty glass, Sam went to sit at Murdoch desk to wait.

Their fit of laughter was the best medicine for the whole house.  It helped them release tension from that night's events.  Sam was pleased that nobody else was hurt and that his favorite patient was did not sustain any more serious injuries, but only provoked the ones he had, which were manageable.

With everyone settled down and examined by Sam, Sergio was taken to the guest room.  His injuries were not serious, but still required plenty of rest.


The End

Johnny decided to keep Sergio company, plus he also wanted those answers.  "So, Serg, want to fill me in on what transpired during the two weeks Cari was gone?"

"That was one big mess, for Capitan.  That man's luck did not change over the years, I tell you… "  He chuckled.

Johnny raised his hand. "Don't start Sergio.  Concentrate now tell me."

"Oh, sorry.  Mira,(look) he had more men with him.  One of them, the Indio, was told to follow Cari.  In one of the towns Cari past, Indio heard that a stage was going to arrive in Morro Coyo with a case of money and gold."  He sat up in bed.  "He would normally return to report to the Capitan, only this time he reported to Jose, a vaquero el Capitan hired to help him."  He slanted his mouth.  "Well, you know Johnny.  Jose took some men with him and left the Capitan with the dumbest three rurales."  He snorted.  "Hijole, (wow) they were a bunch of bobos.(dumb-asses)"  He closed his eyes.  "So, the others left to get their gold.  Did they get it?"  He looked innocent.

Johnny patted his leg.  "No hermano, they did not.  Now go to sleep.  We have a lot of catching up to do."  He was standing up to leave.  "I'm sorry about…  well, Cari told us and I don't know what to say, except that I am sorry."

Sergio grabbed his hand.  "There is nothing to be sorry for hermano.  Life has a way of offering us challenges, good and bad.  El Capitan would have never succeeded by himself.  He had those other men with him and look what happened to them." Not letting go of Johnny's hand he continued.

"These challenge Johnny, we either tackle them and fight or let them destroy us.  I was lucky to have Cari."  He gave him genuine grin.  "She is a strong one.  God might have had other plans for us amigo."  He made himself comfortable.  "What say we just enjoy the ride and see where he takes us?  And amigo, please don't ever be sorry for being an honorable one as you meddle where there is injustice. Buenas noche, Mule."






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