We Can Do It
by  Becks

Just pure and simple boredom lead me to write this.  Cuz', I can do it.

Hope you enjoy.  Once more excuse the mistakes (FYI: J:=Johnny, S:=Scott, V:=Val)


After a night of a much-needed unwinding entertaining night and some trouble making events, the boys are just having a casual conversation.  Well, at least it’s casual for one of them.

J: Come on say it, Scott.  We can do it. Say it.

S: No Johnny.  I won’t.

J:  Come on Scott.  You know we can.  We can do it.

S: No Johnny.  Now will you stop?

J:  Sh-h-h-h-h…  …OK, Scott. Scott?  Come on.  Yes we can.  Sa-a-a-y-y it.

S: I am going to ignore you now.

J:  You can’t.  (a distinct humming sound) Even if you wanted to, you can’t.

S:  Why not little brother?  Do tell.  Why can’t I ignore you?

J: Cuz’ you ain’t had this much fun in your life.  Admit it.  Since I’ve been in your life, I have entertained you.  Go on admit it.  Go on…

With a semi-annoyed sigh, he admitted it.

S:  True, I have been entertained by your hare brain ideas and your schemes to put them into action, but that does not mean I can not ignore you, which I will now do.

J: You can’t.  I know you can’t.  Want ta’ know why?  (long pause)  Because you know we can do it and (add a musical intonation please) you’ll be thinking about it.

J: Hey, Scott.  Come on, say it.  We can do it.  Say it.  Sssccooottt, come on brother.

You know ya’ wanna say it.  We….can….do….it.  Get it said brother. It’s gonna drive you crazy if you don’t.  Come on…

S:  All right, all right!  I’ll say it if you shut up. OK?

J: He, he… see, I told you you couldn’t ignore me.  

S:  I swear Johnny….

J: Sh-s-s-s-h-h-h-h….(cautious pause)  …OK, now.  Get it said Scott.

S:  Fine, Johnny, (said between clinched teeth) WE CAN DO IT.  There are you happy?  Will you go to sleep now?

J:  Nope. (more distinct humming)

S: God, why not?

J:  Because Scott.  WE CAN’T DO IT. (chuckle, chuckle, snort)

S:  (mumble, grunt, mumble, mumble)

J: Ah, come on Scott.  I just wanted to get ya’ to say it that’s all and ya’ did.

Proved my point.  I can do it. (snicker, wheeze, snicker)

S: GO TO SLEEP, NOW!  (said in a harsh undertone)

J: Can’t.

S: Why not?

J:  Val is snoring.

S: Since when has that stopped you from going to sleep?

J:  Doesn’t.

S:  OK, Johnny, I give.  Why is his snoring a problem?

J:  Ain’t.

S: Then what, John?

J: Just wondering if…  if, he can do it?  (laughing inwardly)

V:  If you two drunks don’t shut-up and go to sleep.  I am going to do it by throwing away the key and keeping you locked up for a’ month!

J:  Phffft….s-e-e-e-e, Scott, entertainment, pure and simple.  (yet, another long pause) He stopped sno-o-o-ring.  (huff, sigh) Now I can go to sleep ‘cuz,… (musical intonation, please)  I can do it and I just did, again. (snicker, hic-up, z-z-z-z-z-z)

S: (exasperated sighs and grunts) Great, now I can’t do it!

V and J: Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z!






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