How Lucky Can We Be
by  Becks

Yet, another story written from the heart and for fun, so please excuse my mistakes.

Don’t own them, just enjoy writing about them.  Hope you enjoy it.



Realizing just how lucky he was, he sat there enjoying the conversation his family was having at the dinner table.  Watching her scrunch her shoulders and wrinkle her nose was adoringly amusing and that was only one of the things he absolutely loved about her. 

He was there to protect and guide her through what he had to learn the hard way.

He did not want to change her innocence’s, tarnish her pureness or have life hurt her, so he’d have to teach her to be careful and not too trusting. 

She loved and trusted to easily.  Her wholesomeness is an attractive entity that the family adored, but he was wary of it too. For now, he was grateful that she was his. The struggles regarding her love and the acceptance of that love was hard for him at first, but he inevitably accepted it and admittedly learned to be happy.

So, there he sat, at the dinner table smiling and contemplating just how lucky he was.  ‘How could a gunslinger, ex-gunslinger, have ever thought of marrying. Let alone marry someone so pure, innocent and full of life.  This was a near impossible turn of events. Yet, I, Madrid… now Lancer, had that impossible outcome become very possible.’ He just couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

Suddenly he sensed he was being watched.  He glanced at his father, who was sitting there with a smile and looking at him.  Johnny looked down, a bit embarrassed, grinning that he had been caught being a lovesick puppy by his old man.


There he sat at the dinner table watching and enjoying the family’s laughter. ‘How could an old man, who lived without sons for so long, be so lucky to have them back and now my youngest is married?’  Their struggles were normal, but they succeeded in accepting each other’s love and differences. 

They ascertained how to become a family.  ‘Look at him.  I never imagined my little boy would or could ever be so happy!  He found us and now he has her.  She completes him.  How could a father not be proud of and love that boy!’  Deep in thought, he sensed he was being watched.  He glanced at his eldest son who was sheepishly looking at him.  Murdoch looked down, a bit embarrassed, beaming that he had been caught being a sentimental old fool.


Progressively he stopped participating in the family conversation as he contemplated, watched, and enjoyed his family’s mingling with stories of mishaps and fun.  He had never had this family time in Boston; he felt a warm and loving connection, one he never thought he’d ever have. ‘How could an Easterner have ever thought of becoming a rancher?  Now here I am one-third owner of a profitable ranch, with a brother, sister, and a father.  They are the family I never imagined I would ever have.  Now my little brother is married?  Look at them… Thank God… I am blessed!’

He relished his father’s noticeable love for them then he sensed he was being watched.  He glanced at his sister and she too was say there with a smile observing at him.  Scott looked down. He was grateful that his sister was amongst those he so deeply loved and appreciated her giving nature, especially when they needed it most.


Observing everyone at the dinner table, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness. She suddenly missed her father as she watched her guardian enjoying the company of his sons.  Even if she did not have her father there to share her life, she couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of happiness.  ‘I now have two brothers that love and protect me and Murdoch, who has always loved me like his real daughter.  Plus, I have a sister-in-law that accepts and shares herself with me.  I am extremely lucky.’  She proudly looked up and smiled.

Then she sensed she was being watched.   She glanced at her sister-in-law, who was sitting there with a smile studying her.   Teresa smiled back acknowledging what they both felt.  They both nodded at each other and returned their attention to the family’s enjoyment.

They were the luckiest women on the face of this earth surrounded by these Lancer men who love them and each other, whole-heartedly and unconditionally forever.


The End







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