Fruity Monkey Brains
by  Becks

I am writing this story for fun and enjoyment.  Please excuse any mistakes.   Just writing from the heart.

Just for fun!


He opened the door very carefully and very quietly.  He stuck his head in slowly.  Looked around and stepped in.  After hanging his gun and hat, he stepped further into the great room.  Placing his hands on his waist he announced in a very loud voice, “I’m home!”

Walking in further, he wondered where they were.  Suddenly, he felt some arms wrap around his neck, other arms wrapped around his legs, and some also grabbed his arms.  They straddled him and did not release their hold.  He struggled, then started to loose his balance, and landed on his back.  “We’ve got him!  We’ve got him!

Don’t let go! Hurry go get the rope!” 

He fought to get up, but they had him flat on his back.  “Don’t let him get up.  Keep him down, hurry!”  He grunted and finally managed to get one arm free.  “Oh no.  He’s getting away.  HURRY!”

He pushed his body to one side and grabbed the culprit still hanging onto his neck.  “Argh… got ya’.”  Then his arm gave way and he landed on his back again, but this time half his body was on top of his captor.

“Get off me.  You’re squashing me.”

“That’s what you get for not moving fast enough.”  He pushed more weight down on his captor as he continued his battle to release his arms and succeeded.  He grabbed one more culprit by the collar and swung ‘em around making them collide with the other.  The two landed away from him that gave him a chance to raise and sit.  Quickly, he reached for the two holding his legs down.

They attempted to scurry away, but he caught them by their ankles.  Meanwhile, the one was still on his back holding on tight. The fallen two started shouting.

“Get’  ‘im.  Don let ‘im go!”  They tried to grab his arms again, but his used his body to shove them away. 

Standing up, he held two of them by the ankle, raised them up, and watched them dangle upside down.   The other still hung on his back clutched tight around his neck while his legs swung back and forth.  Suddenly, he felt two bodies wrap themselves around his legs. “Hey, I’m outnumbered!  Give a guy a break.” 

“No way Papi.  We ain’t gonna let you get away this time.  We got you.” 

“Are you sure?  Looks like I’ve got two monkeys dangling in front of me, one hanging behind me and two more monkeys wrapped around my legs, but I am still moving.”  Granted it was hard to control all the mayhem, especially since he could not stop laughing, but he made it to the couch. 

“Hey Scott, look what I got here.  Think we can tie these two up and roast them up for dinner.  I hear monkeys are mighty tasty.”  He held two up above Scott who was lying down on the couch reading a book.   

Scott closed his book and looked up and saw two smiling faces looking back.

“No siree, I think they need to be washed first and then seasoned to add a bit more flavor.  Maybe even tenderize them a bit. What do you think Murdoch?” 

Murdoch was enjoying the playful scene from behind his desk.  “Well before you two do any damage to ‘those monkeys’ can you bring them here so I can kiss them to death first.  Then you can take them to Jelly so he can roast them outside.”

While the adults were planning their feast, they heard a thunk.  Johnny turned, still holding the two boys ankles, and saw his eldest son laying flat on his back. “Papi, I couldn’t hang on any longer.”  He looked winded. “Hey, can I help prepare them for the roast?” 

“Nope, sorry son.  You and the twins are going to be… our desert.  Yum, fruity monkey brains….” He looked down at the twins who were now looking at each other with bulged eyes and mouth dropped opened.  Johnny plunked the other two down on Scott stomach and quickly reached down to carry the twins before they got away.

“Ah, hap us grappa.  Hap!”  They wiggled in their father’s arms. 

“No, sorry girls.  I do love my desert and your father said…” 

“No… grappa we don tast ta’ goo.” One said in a most convincing manner. 

“Oh, no ganpa, we tays yucky. Bleech!”  The other joined in. 

“Well I don’t like yucky, so I’ll be having to help you then.”  He stood up.  “Get ready now because my fingers are now tingling and you know what that means? Tickle time!”  Murdoch jumped up quickly as the twins squealed and attempted to climb higher on their fathers shoulder. 

Then they heard another thunk. Scott was now rolling on the floor with his two children as he tickled them unmercifully.  “Yes sir, I just need to tenderize these two a bit more.”  Then the tortured continued. 

Meanwhile, Johnny Jr. was carefully crawling away to hide, when he felt some arms lift him.  He looked astonished to see how high up he was and knew immediately it was his grandfather.  ‘Oh-oh!’ 

Between laughter and almost peeing in his pants, he uttered, “No….  fair….  You… all are… bigger…” 

Meanwhile, the ladies were in the kitchen and couldn’t help but smile at the laughter they heard coming from the great room.  “I’m guessing they failed to tie Johnny up, again.”  Stirring the pot, Teresa asked.  “Wonder where we could find a recipe for fruity monkey brains?”  






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