What Guardian Angels Talk About?
by  Becks


Hope you enjoy the read.  Excuse my mistakes; all mine (and my guardian angels).

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What Guardian Angels Talk About?

by Becks


You have been doing an excellent job with that young man.


Yes and it has gotten easier since he found his family.


Any regrets now?


No, but he has given me a run for his existence!


Seems he continues to do so!


True, but it’s worth seeing the outcome of his adventures.  Understanding how that one functions has given me a step up to keeping ahead of him.  Granted there have been times when I’ve almost lost him, but he’s a fighter that one, a strong spirit that God seems to have become fond of and expects me to double up on my duties!


I can see what you’re saying.  His brother isn’t all that difficult, but since joining up with his younger brother things have surely gotten more exciting.  Why I’ve needed to sharpen my wits trying to keep him out of harm’s way, especially when that one of yours is involved!


Reminiscing about their boys mishaps, planned and unplanned had them give off a thunderous laughter that was heard throughout the valley.


Scott and Johnny just look up at the sky. “Strange, Scott, it doesn’t look like rain.”


Oh, oh, we’d better watch ourselves. Don’t need any extra attention right when they seem to be in a relaxing mode, for a while anyway. Look at them taking it easy.  That is a well-deserved break.  Their father has had them working real hard.


Yes, yes, they sure do deserve to bask in the rays of God’s sun.  Those two together can whip up a week’s work in just a few days.


It’s a wonder their lives jelled so well.  Those boys share so much, yet are so different, aren’t they?


Uh huh, sure are.  My boy sure did have some inner conflicts between both the spiritual world and his reality.  It is a miracle he’s become the man he is today.  Hard to imagine the life he led and the journey we traveled to get here.


His brother might have had the comforts of wealth, but he too suffered the lack of spiritual longing.  Learning to deal with things in a rational and logical way has had its difficulties especially when dealing with a younger brother.  It is good to see their journeys finally come together.


But, they are getting there.  Having the ability to see their potential is a gift bestowed on all guardian angels.  Getting them there is another story and all we can do is hover over them and pray they keep listening to us.


Strong young men with sensitive souls always tend to listen. That one is constantly scanning his personal environment to make sure that everything is running smoothly and systematically, especially when it comes to the relationship between his father and brother.


The other is very sensitive to conflict and does not tolerate it very well, especially with his father.  It just takes our normally peaceful boy into a state of agitation or charged anger.  It is a sight and harder to get him to listen.


Hey, how about those holiday celebrations? One is so traditional and has a clear set of standards and beliefs. It’s hard when he expect the same of his brother, especially since his little brother did not get to experience those celebrations. It got hard when he could not get his brother to value them.


Oh that one has strong value systems, but just needs to live his life in accordance with what he feels is right and what he has experienced.  I am grateful that he has come around to accept his family’s values as well.  It has brought him closer to his mission.


Yes, yes… both are getting there.  It did make it hard for his older brother to understand the life Johnny’s led.  He does have a strongly felt internal sense of duty towards his brother and is motivated to follow through on the task of getting him settled into a new life.


He sure does, doesn’t he?  Consequently, the younger one is protective of his privacy and only shares what he chooses to share when he choose to share it.  He is one deep, complex individual when he wants to be! Being so private is typically difficult to understand by others.


Their future does look bright though.  This is where we have to keep in stride to keep them in the right path.  Yes, Scott will do the right thing for his pending family and his offbeat sense of humor will continue to add fun for all of them. God knows that he is driven to give a secure and peaceful living for those he loves.


Hum, if only Johnny was a strong believer in his future. We could give them a hint in dreams.  We are allowed to do that on occasion. It always makes Johnny wake up with a purpose. Just a little hint, huh? He needs to see that he will make a loving parent. He will have a strong bond with his offspring and those high expectations he has for himself will carry over for his children as well.  He always pushes himself to be the best that he can be.  His devotion will give him the sincere parental guidance he’ll need with his very active children.  I guess we’d better be careful on just how much we want them to see? They are going to be wonderful fathers.


Yes, both of them are.  Murdoch is going to be a proud grandfather.  Can’t wait to see who gets appointed as their children’s Guardian Angels!


Oh, yes! We are really going to have our hands full that’s for sure!


Once more that thunderous laughter roared across the air.


“Hey, maybe we should head home.  I really don’t feel like getting wet. Hate it when I get wet and then sick.  Come on brother. Race ya’.”


Oh no! Well, it was a nice break.  Back to work.  Good luck and keep your guard up!






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