Dueling Thieves
by  Becks


 Another short drabble on two boys who can’t seem to learn. Excuse my mistakes.  Hope you enjoy reading.



Waiting quietly outside behind a bush next to the kitchen door, both boys controlled their breathing hoping that they would not be discovered.  Their patience was extraordinary. Some small objects lying became their source of entertainment as they knelt down to give their legs a rest.


“This is going to be worth the wait.” One whispered into the others ear.  The anticipation made them both smile with pride.

Their ears were on high alert.  At last, they heard silence.  ”She’s done!”


They shrugged and smiled at one another.  Juanito was the first one up.  He snuck a peek and saw no one around.  Looking back to his cousin, he gave him the all clear.


Both of them stuck their heads into the kitchen and listened, just in case.  Sure enough, nobody was in there.  They took in a deep breath.  “Ah, can you smell that? It smells delicious!”  Carilitos could not control his enthusiasm.


Sh-h-h-h-h, they’ll hear us.”


Slowly they started to walk or rather tiptoe into the kitchen.  Suddenly their eyes grew big.  “There it is!’  The joy in Carlitos voice was undeniable.


Juanito hit him on the arm. “Dang, Carlos, they’ll hear us!”


Carlitos started to drool and salivate as he placed his hand over his mouth.


Juanito wanted to laugh at the hungry expression on his cousin’s face. ‘Aye, gordo.’


Well?  Now what?”  They stood staring at the most delicious thing they had ever seen, a large Chocolate Cake, their Chocolate Cake!


Both of the boys looked side to side double checking for any intruders.  “It’s now or never.”


They walked up to the table and licked their lips.  “Get the knife… quietly.”


Carlitos practically flew over to the counter to get the dreaded knife. “Hurry, Juanito.  I can’t stand it any longer.  I’m about to shit in my pants if they catch us, again.”


“Calmate primo.  Here… you get the first slice.  Wait for me.”  Juanito cut into the cake and sighed. “Aye, it’s falling apart. Be careful not to leave any crumbs.  Our fathers are good trackers.

Come on let’s go.”


Both boys held their pieces close to their bodies.  Carlitos was desperately trying to get a bite as they scurried out the kitchen.


“Wait!  God Carlos, you already have it in your hand. You can wait. NO crumbs remember.” Juanito bumped his cousin to stop him.


They hid behind the bushes again and caught their breaths so that their hearts could slow down.  Looking at each other, they giggled and lifted their pieces up offering a toasting gesture, then took their first bite.  Their eyes rolled back in ecstasy!  “Damn that’s… m-m-m-muy delicious!”


“Shh-h-h-h-h, I hear something.”  They held back another bite when they heard the jingles of Johnny’s boots going into the kitchen.  “Don’t breath, don’t chew, and don’t do anything Carlitos.” Juanito whispered.


Carlitos felt his blood leave his body. “Primo, I think I am going to faint.”


Juanito's eyes grew big.  “Hell no, I can’t pick you up.  Besides if you do, I’ll eat your piece of cake.  Come on; let’s move before Papi comes out.”


They rushed out of the bushes and ran to fine a hiding place.


Stepping inside the kitchen, Johnny took in a deep breath. “M-m-m-m-m, Mamí  María made us a chocolate cake.”  He looked side to side checking for any other intruders.  He quietly made his way to the table where he spotted the cake.   “Hi baby, you are looking good as ever.  Let’s see if you taste just a good!”  He leaned over to cut himself a slice with the knife that lay next to the cake when he noticed that the knife had already been used.  He turned the plate around and saw that a very big slice was missing. “Those two, I swear.” 


He shook his head, but figured, “What the hell? The damage has already been done. I’ll deal with them later.”  Just as he was about to cut into the cake, he felt a sharp pain on his behind. “AYE!”  He turned and saw María holding a large wooden spoon.


“Niño, you think you can continue to do this to me?  How many years have you been trying to sneak a piece before dinner?  Well, I caught you!”  She went to move the plate out of the way.  “Díos mío, look at this.  You already took a very large piece and now you are getting more!  I do not believe this.”


Maria raised the spoon ready again while Johnny was rubbing his behind.  He then spotted the spoon coming at him.  “Espera María.  I didn’t …. “  Whack!   “Aye, María.  I swear.”  He jumped high and held his hand on the spot that stung. 


She raised the spoon again, but this time Johnny ran out before she could let him a third time.


“Así  es, corre niño.  Run!  I’ll get you at dinner time.”  She huffed and removed the cake from the table.


Johnny was fuming. ‘I am going to beat…’  He stopped, looked around, and found some crumbs. ‘Got ya’’.  Following the crumb trail, he kept rubbing his butt.


The trail led him to a tree.  He stopped.  Placed his hands on his waist and then scratched his head, he casually looked at the trunk where he spotted some chocolate stains. ‘Aha, got ya.’’  Johnny placed his hand on the trunk and leaned in. Then, he reached down to pick up a large thin branch and pretended to use it to wipe the bottom of his boot.  Lifting his head up and stretching, he managed to get a glimpse of a dangling little boot.


“Boy I am tired.  Think I’ll just sit here a spell and relax.”  Johnny pulled up a bench, turned it facing the trunk, sat down, placed his boots up on the trunk and stretched his legs out.  Leaning back, he felt some leaves fall along with some chocolate crumbs. ‘Oh boy. That wood shed is going to be noisy.’  Closing his eyes, he just sat and waited.


Watching Johnny maneuver himself into a comfortable position, the cousins just stared at each other  while twisting their lips.  “Now what?  He ain’t moving away.” 


Carlitos was about to cry.


“Calmate, we can last longer than he can.  We wait.”


And wait they did.  Johnny felt like taking a nap and he did.  Being a light sleeper, it did not concern him.  He knew he’d hear them trying to escape.


“Mira, he’s asleep. Let’s get down.  I have to go pee!” 


“NO… you know my Papí is tricky. We wait!” Juanito was adamant.


“Ju-a-ni-to, I have to pe-e-e-e-e!


“Aye, Dios.”  Juanito sat on his hunches thinking. ‘That cake was delicious, but ain’t worth what we are gonna be getting for it.’


“OK, Carlitos.  Can you undo your pants to pee?”


“Yes… why?”  He knew his cousin was plotting, at his expense.


“Well, look at the clouds.”  Smiling at his cousin, Juanito thought it might work, seriously thought it might work!


“Juanito, I don’t like the look on your face.”


“Mira Carlitos, it looks like it is going to rain.  All you have to do is pee that way and some of it will fall on my… papi.  He’ll think it is raining and go inside.  Then we can get down and find another hiding place.”


“And then what?  He’ll find us anyway.  Let’s get it over with.  My butt is numb so it won’t hurt that much.”


Johnny snorted at that last remark.  He was intensely listening.


“Sh-h-h-h, you’ll wake him.” Juanito shook his head and looked down to see his father still asleep.


“I don’t know primo.  If we… “  Suddenly, they heard thunder off in the distant.




“Aye Dios.”  Next came something Johnny really didn’t think he’d be hearing let alone feeling.


Dribble…, dribble… fizz… fizzzzz…shu-sh…shu-sh.., the flow started off slowly due to nerves, and then Carlitos couldn’t hold back, sh-sh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh-ssh, it became an enormously long flow. Carlitos half closed his eyes contently and smiled. “Ahhhhh!”


Juanito’s eyes were wider than a calf getting branded. ‘Damn… !’


Well, needless to say, the thundering sound that followed… was not from the pending storm!


The End, until the next flow.






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