Double Dipping

A continuation to 'Response to Intervention'

by  Becks

Once more, I did not research. I just wrote from the heart.  Hope you enjoy.


Whistling on his way home, Johnny had a smile that could be seen for miles.  “Um yeah, I have to admit Barranca, that those girls were mighty fine and generous with their time.  Too bad Scott did not get anything resolved, but I sure did have fun trying.  Yup, gonna be fun to see how he acts on his next trip to the Saloon.”  Laughing he reigned Barranca to a faster gallop.

Arriving at the hacienda, he paused before entering the house. ‘Murdoch is going to be upset.  Shit I didn’t make it home for dinner and it is well past my bed time.’  He couldn't help but chuckle and sat on the veranda to remove his spurs and boots.  ‘It’s now or never.  Come on Madrid, he’s old and slow.  You can out run him anytime.  Here it goes.’  He slowly opened the door, stuck his head in, looked and listened.  All was quiet. ‘Good, no one is up.’  He tiptoed towards the stairs, looking up as he reached for the banister then he immediately stopped breathing; he spotted his old man standing at the top looking down watching him trying to sneak in.

With one foot on the step and the other somewhat ready to move, he froze and grinned. “Murdoch, ya' been standing there long?”  He moved his foot back down and kept looking at his father.

“No son, I haven’t.  I was on my way to my room when I hear you riding in.  Thought I’d wait and say goodnight to you.”  He was amused from watching his ‘gunslinger’ son’s attempt to sneak in.  “Did you have a good time with the ladies?”  Murdoch did not bat an eyelid.

Johnny coughed and lowered his eyes. ‘Shit!’  Well, he decided to stand his ground.  “Why yes, yes I did.  Thank you for asking.”  Looking at his father, he waited for the yelling to start.

Murdoch just smiled. “Good, I’m glad.  Teresa left you some food in the kitchen son.  Go eat and then go to bed.  We have a lot to do tomorrow.  I’m glad your home safe. Good night Johnny.” And with that he turned and disappeared into the hall heading to his room.

Johnny’s mouth dropped opened in shock.  He did not move for a few minutes.  Finally, he reached over and pinched his left arm. “Ouch, well, I’m not dreaming!”  Then he looked around.  “And I am in the right house.”  He crossed his arms.  “Could he be…  nah, ain’t such things as body snatchers.  Who the hell was that man?”  Hanging his gun, he chuckled and shimmied towards the kitchen.

Placing his boots by the stairs, he went to get the plate, poured himself some milk and sat at the table to start eating.  He stopped chewing and listened to someone entering the kitchen.   "You're lucky Pa' don't like me wearing my gun in the house, Boston."  He did not bother to glance up at his brother. 

Scott walked over and sat next to him, tilting his head, he glanced at his little brother and then reached over to get a slice of beef.  Johnny poked his hand with the fork. "Though, I can kill you with this fork."  He kept eating his meal.

Scott removed his hand and rubbed at the pain. "Johnny, I'm sorry.  I just panicked." 

Johnny releases his breath and looked over at his brother. 'Boy he looks pathetic.' 

"Never thought I'd see my older wiser brother run from two girls with his tail between his legs.  It was quite a sight.  Sorry you missed it as you rushed out on your horse."  He kept eating.

"So what story did you tell Murdoch?"  Johnny leaned back on the chair and waited for answer, chewing his last bite.

"Just that you were busy with two very distinguished ladies to… " 

"To what… Boston?" Now he was glaring at his older brother.

"To help them with some decorations!"  Slanting and nodding his head, he continued.  "I told you I'd have your back when it came to Murdoch, plus, I couldn't shake feeling guilty.  So, I figured I'd have to start somewhere."  Offering his little brother half grin, he was hoping that he'd be forgiven, eventually and maybe this was a good start to redemption.

"Decorate what, brother?"  Johnny's eyes were now squinting with suspicion, not forgiveness.

"I told him a new 'padre' was coming to visit tomorrow at the old mission and that some young ladies who knew about your affinity with the mission had asked you to help them decorate by hanging ornaments and such."  Pausing, he added. "Naturally, you could not refuse them, especially since they were very adamant about needing you to help them out at the mission."  He gave him a nod once more.

"Yeah, and just who is this 'padre' who is visiting tomorrow and what if Murdoch decides to go offer his welcome?  Did your Eastern brain give that a thought?" Standing up and rolling his eyes, he walked over to place the dishes in the sink.  Resting his hand on the side of the basin, he shook his head with concern. 

Scott stood up.  "He won't, believe me.  I made sure of that."  He sat on the edge of the table placing his hands on his waist; his explanation had more to it.  "I told him that the 'padres' visit was a quick one and nobody knew what time he was going to arrive or leave, so only a few people, devoted partisans, would be waiting for him regardless of his time of arrival."  He looked to see what Johnny reaction would be.  "Knowing how busy Murdoch will be tomorrow, I knew he would not give it any consideration."

"I guess he bought it since I didn't get yelled at, but that does not let you off the hook!"  He started to walk towards the stairs, smiling he turned to address Scott. 

"The girls were very pleased with the way I handled the situation, very pleased.  Remind me to tell you about it sometime.  Night Boston."  He disappeared to his room.

Scott was still guilt-ridden, but felt relaxed a bit especially since 'the girls' were very satisfied, by his little brother.  "Good night little brother and thanks." Mentally exhausted, he yearned to get some sleep.  'I hope I can finally sleep soundly.'

The following week went by without a hitch.  The brothers worked side by side, with an occasional ribbing between the two of them.  Scott was still trying to make up to Johnny and Johnny was relishing in his big brother guilt.

Saturday night came and they both decided to ride into town to celebrate the end of a hard working week.  Johnny did not chat about last week's episode, hopefully avoiding cancellation from Scott for Saturday night.

Riding in, Scott started to feel some apprehension, but Johnny was quick on the draw. "Hey, Scott, the girls were very eager to see you and tell you that they were not upset.  Actually, they are sort of wanting a follow up from your last liaison with them.  Are you up to it?"

He just hummed, waiting.  "I got ta' say they sure do know how to make a man feel… wanted, needed, exuberated… hum, especially Rosita."

"Yeah, don't know Johnny.  I can still feel some regret about my lie.  Maybe I should just wait and let you indulge in their company, again. "  His judgment was not going to be impaired this time; that he would be sure of.

"Suit yourself.  I, on the other hand, am in the mood for a Susie night.  Boy, I tell you that girl is sweet to the eyes and other parts, get my meaning?"  Pulling up to the saloon they tied their horse reigns and walked in.  "Val, hey amigo, glad to see you enjoying your time off.  Mind if we join ya'?"  Johnny's voice was loud enough to wake the dead, purposely.

Screeching voices and thumps were heard from upstairs.  Two very excited and enthusiastic girls ran downstairs.  "SCOTT!" Both cried out in unison. 

"Oh, honey, are you alright.  Johnny told us everything sweetness.  Rosita is not upset at you."

She reached up and lightly kissed him on the lips.  Scott looked at his brother, who was now standing next to Val.  The amigos had their arms were wrapped around each other with a grin that made Scott suspect that he had just walked into a spider web named Madrid's revenge.

The younger of the two girls jumped up onto Scott and wrapped her legs around his waist, hugging his neck, whispering, "Oh. S-s-s-co-o-t, I've missed you s-s-o-o much."  She nibbled on his ear.

Scott feels a slight movement in his lower extremities and quickly removed her legs from his waist.

"Now ladies, please, I am not sure I understand what my little brother has told you, but…"

"Oh, Scott honey, Johnny told us everything and we couldn't be more excited to see what you have."  Rosita started to search his pockets while rubbing her body against his.

"Ah, have, what I have?  Ladies I fear I am lost at the implication that I might have something."  He nervously started to step back, but the girls just stepped forward, not releasing some parts of his clothing.

"Now Mr. Lan-n-n-c-c-c-e-e-r-r, let's go upstairs and play hide-n-seek.  You have hidden our surprise and we would love nothing more than to seek it."  Now both girls were nicely cuddled next to him, twirling their fingers around the button on his shirt.  "Johnny explained it all to us and we just couldn't believe how sensitive and considerate your were by taking such extravagant measures to console us by purchasing two of them.  Why we cried ourselves to sleep, with joy of course."

The girls turned and blew a kiss to Johnny.  Johnny smiled and reached his hand out as if he was catching their kisses.  He shrouded his shoulders, scrunched his neck, and smiled with delight.  Val had his hand over his mouth keeping a loud laugh from exploding.

"Come on Scott, don't be coy with us, we know you have them."  They started to tickle him.

He desperately wanted to run, again, but those fillies had him cornered.  He looked at Johnny with daggers shooting from his eyes.  His little brother stood there pantomiming the girls' tickling action with his fingers and head wiggling.  He was blazing a smile that could light up the darkest cavern. 

The girls wrapped themselves tight around Scott and started to guide him upstairs.  His head was facing in the direction of his brother, but his body was heading upstairs.  "JOHNNY!  I swear…"

Rosita jumped on Scott's waist again and planned a tight kiss on his lips stopping him from shouting more at their Johnny.  His little brother was waving at him.  Rosita threw another kiss at Johnny who gladly obliged by catching it and placing in on his heart while still waving at his brother.

"Amigo, you are one loco brother.  What the hell is Scott in for?"  Val finally let loose, holding his gut from laughing.

"See Val, a man has to know when and how to tend to a woman's… needs in order to get his fair share of understanding and forgiveness. I just, let's say, gave them their fair share of the truth and they gave me a lot of understanding.  Now they are upstairs teaching Scott a lesson on the art of redemption."  He sat down to finally drink his beer.  "Getting satisfaction is a necessity that I find quite rewarding and teaching an older-wiser brother is an extravagant measure I find very satisfying."  Padding his chest, he chugged down his beer.





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