My Turn
by  Becks



"Now Johnny, Now!"

"No, wait.  Not now." He responded.

"Now Johnny!"

"NO." He shouted.


"Scott, will you stop.  I'll know when." He shook his head.

"Now Johnny.  I'm aging here."  Rubbing his face, he was exasperated at the wait.

"Val, push him."  Scott was pleading.

"Nope, I ain't gonna rush my amigo.  He'll go when he's ready."  Val crossed his arms.  "Now Johnny, now!"

"Damn it Val. I almost went."

They waited and waited and waited.

Finally, Johnny made his move.  Bam, he fell flat on his face.  "Damn it.  If you two were not standing there yelling at me, I'd have made it."  He stood up and dusted himself off.

"OK, my turn."  Scott licked his lips.

"Now Scott." Val just snickered.

"Wait for it.  Wait for it.  NOW!"  Johnny shouted.  "That would have been the perfect time brother."

"Oh ye, of fallen face.  I should follow your advice.  I think not."  Swaying his body, he counted.

"Now Scott!"  Scott missed and tripped.

"Next…"  They looked at Val.

"Ah, shit, do I have ta'?  Val grunted.

"Yes you do. Now go."

"Now Val, go." Johnny was wide eyed watching his friend.

"Now, NOW…." Scott was still swaying his body.

"Go, go, go… "  and he did, go. 

"Whu-ee, lookie me.  I'm doing it."  Val was exuberated.  He'd actually done it.

"Keep going Val!  Aha, I just hope you don't have a heart attack." Johnny fell down laughing.  "Hurry up I want to try it again."

Val finished his turn.  "Damn that was exhausting."  He coughed and bent down to place his hands on his knees while he caught his breath.

Johnny stood readying himself.  'It's now or never, Madrid.'

"YEAH!  One… two… three… four… five…six… when do….  I ….  stop… Ah, hell." Bam, down again.

Laughing he looked up at his brother.  "Come on Scott.  You're the only one who hasn't done it."

"Well little brother, think I'll pass for now."  And with that he limped to the house. 

'I hate to admit it, but that was fun.' 

He stopped, sat on the porch, rubbed his ankle, and enjoyed watching his little brother, Val and Teresa having fun jumping rope.






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