I Won
by  Becks


This is a quick romantic insight from an imaginary scene.  Excuse the mistakes, they are all mine.  Just ignore them and hope you enjoy this fun daydream.



Let us share the deep thoughts of one lucky lady.

‘I can’t believe this is happening to me, me of all people.  I need to pinch myself so often and glad it is not a dream.  God, I never thought I’d be here with him.  Why?

Look at him.  He is so confident in everything he does.  I love it when he smiles at me.  I can’t seem to get rid of my smile.  Oops, there he goes, down and right back up.

God he looks so good.’ 

‘Here he comes.  I love to watch him walk.  Look at that smile.’

J: “Hey what ya’ smiling at?”


J: “Why did I rip my pants?”

“No.  I just like looking at you.”

J: “Hum, you like rough and dirty men, do you?”

“No just you.”

J: “Good! Come on the race is about to start.”

‘Oh God I love him.  His hands feel so good in mine.  They’re so strong and protective.  Uh-oh, there are the meanies.  Look at them just watching us.  Johnny is such a tease they way he bows his head at them and smiles.  They really hate me.  Still can’t believe he is with me and not her!  Whoa….’

J: “Come on.  Up you go.  I want you here where’s it’s safe in case a horse goes berserk.  Stand right behind me.”

‘He’s so strong and caring.  He just lifted me up and over to this spot.  Now he wants my hands on his shoulder.  It feels so good to have his fingers rubbing my hands.  I am melting.  His hair is so shining and so soft.  I love running my fingers through it and he does too.’

J:“Here they come.  COME ON SCOTT!”

“Whoop, look out.”

‘He is actually protecting me from a dust cloud.  Having my head up against his chest feels so good and his arms around me.  I could really melt.’

J: “Ok, all gone.  Come on let’s go see what Teresa’s up to or needs.”

‘He is so sensitive to his families needs.  It’s rare to have a man so caring, strong and self-assured.  I am really lucky.  I love it when he holds my hand everywhere we go.’

J: “Hey Teresa.  Got anything to eat? We are starving!”

 “We are?” 

J: “Ok, I’m starving and you can watch me eat.” 

‘He is so cute holding me around the waist and swaying me back and forth while his sister gets him a plate.  She is so good to all of them and me.  Can’t believe she confided in me about his feelings.  So glad she did.’

‘I love to watch him eat.’

J: “I am making a pig of myself.  Why didn’t you tell me I have sauce all over my chin?”

“Because it looks good on you.”

J: “Yeah, well then I’ll just leave it there.  Hey, I hear shouting. The racers are coming around.  We better run.”

“Go on.  I’ll help Teresa and wipe your chin.” 

‘I love wiping his face.  He looks like a child letting me.’

J: “Are you sure?”

“Yes now go.”

‘Look at him.  Jumping over the picnic table.  He looks gorgeous.  Time to help Teresa.’

“Johnny’s is having a good time, huh?”

T: “Yes he is especially since you’re with him.  I’ve never seen him so happy.  He really cares about you a lot.   And you?”

“You know the answer to that.” 

‘Yes, I care about him.  I can honestly say I love him.  How is that possible?  In such a short time of him courting me and I fell in love with him. It’s almost scary, but it also feels so good.’

T: “Here they come.  Look at them.” 

‘God his laugh is so adorable.  Love the way his hair is flying in the air as he skip runs next to his brother.  They are so good to each other.  And here he is again with his arms around me with that gorgeous smile and energy.’

J: “Scott WON!”

‘No, I won!’ 







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