Big Feet, Big Trouble
by  Becks

Little time, little drabble.  Hope you enjoy.  Mistakes, well, there are some and they are all mine.  You can’t have them, just read them.



“He’s still there.”

“Oh, still looks mad?”


“Guess I should go talk to him.”

Turning the corner of the hacienda, Murdoch spotted his son kicking the acorns on the ground.

“Still mad?”

He turned and looked at his father, scrunched his face and then turned away.

“Guess so.  I am sorry son.”

All he heard was a loud huff.

“Do you need more time alone?”

Once again, he got that look which was a clear indication that he did.

“Well, I’ll be in front if you ever find it in your heart to forgive me.”

Murdoch walked away.


“Oh yes, my son is still very upset.”

“Thought so. We wait, huh?”

“Yes, son.  We wait.”

So they sat and waited.  Some time later they heard footsteps in the great room heading towards the French doors.  They turned to see a figure standing there.

He walked up and stood in front of his father.  Murdoch shamefully bowed his head.

At first, his son just glared at him, then he reached out and lifted his father’s chin.

“OK, I forgive you, but I’m still mad.  K?”

“Thank you son.  That means a lot to me.”

With that Johnny climbed onto his father’s lap and snuggled into his arms, while he mumbled.  

“Jus’  ‘member, don’t ever go into my play area when I gots my toys out.  I love my toys and your big feet broke one of my fabor-it.  K?”

“OK.  No big feet in your play area ever again.”


Murdoch held his son closer to him and felt his breathing becoming evenly paced.  There he was, his exhausted son, sound asleep.

“Big feet, huh?”

“Apparently.  And they aren’t allowed in his play area again.”

“Pa’ you do realized that Johnny scatters his toys and plays all over the hacienda area?”

“Yes son, so I guess I’d better watch where my big feet step from now on.”

He caressed his sleeping son’s cheek and chuckled.





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