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April 10, 2016

Bygones [122kb] - Darla M Poulos

Witness [12kb] - Doc

Recollections [17kb] - Doc


April 4, 2016

Shine a Light in the Dark [248kb] - Sandra

Misery Loves Company [9kb] - Sandra


March 31, 2016

Reputation and Consequence [311kb] - AJ [repost]

Beef to Fort Bowie [141kb] - AJ [repost]


March 25, 2016

Perfection [5kb] - AJ [repost]

Hoof and Mouth [19kb] - AJ [repost]


March 15, 2016

A Trio of Gifts [8kb] - AJ [repost]

The Anniversary Gifts [59kb] - AJ [repost]

The Lady in Green [15kb] - AJ [repost]


March 6, 2016

Schism of the Heart [394kb] - AJ [repost]

Healing of the Heart [551kb] - AJ [repost]


February 26, 2016

In Absentia [13kb] - Barb

The Tequila Series [122kb] - AJ [repost]

East Meets West [23kb] - AJ [repost]

Shadows of Yesterday [310kb] - AJ [repost]

The Adventure of Mark Sullivan [132kb] - AJ [repost]

Rescue Race [15kb] - AJ [repost]


February 25, 2016

More Important Things Than Money [32kb] - Margaret P

Fresh Blood [73kb] [Mag7 x-over] - Maureen

Going Home [269kb] - Judi

He Ain't Heavy [19kb] - Barb


February 22, 2016

The Wedding Interrupted [25kb] - Kit

Rest In Peace, Johnny Madrid [30kb] - Kit


February 7, 2016

Loyalty [8kb] -Sandra

A Change in Plans [46kb] - Sandra

You Better Watch Out for Der Belsnickel [19kb] - Vicki L. Nelson

Christmas, Finally [12kb] [English/Spanish] - Adriana


January 29, 2016

A Matter of the Past [560kb] - Becky W.

Wonders Never Cease [10kb] - DaleL


January 24, 2016

Any Other Business [26kb] - Styzgal


January 22, 2016

Room at the Inn [46kb] - Barb

Festivities...and Reflections [56kb] - Heather


December 23, 2015

Legacy (POV Challenge) [7kb] - EJ

Thoughts About Having a Brother [8kb] - EJ


December 12, 2015

Twisted [224kb] - Darla M. Poulos


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