The Johnny Madrid Lancer Fan Club
by  Margaret Schmitz Compton


Sept 30th

This is my input for the September Loyalty Challenge

I do not own any rights to Lancer. This story is for enjoyment purposes and no money is being made from it.

I just wrote this today. I don't have time to send it to my beta, so all mistakes are mine.




Johnny “I am so happy you brought me to town. It's been so boring at home. It seems I haven't been to town in such a long time.”

“I know Teresa but we can't stop branding cattle, just to take you to town. You knew as soon as we caught up, someone would take you.”

“ I know Johnny. I was just a little impatient. Thank You again. This makes me so happy.”

The wagon pulls up in-front of Val's office. Johnny hops down and goes over to Teresa and helps her down.

“ Thank You so much Johnny. I'll only be an hour or so. Maybe when I'm done we can grab something to eat.”

“That's fine with me honey. I'll meet you out front of the hotel, if that's alright with you.”

“Ok Johnny, I like their food the best. Later.”

Just then Johnny and Teresa look across the street at a group of teenage girls gathering. It started out with three girls then two more joined them.

Johnny and Teresa looked at each other then went their own way.

Johnny goes into Val's office.

“ Hey Val how's it goin”

“ Just fine Johnny how's bout you.”

“ I'm alright Val. Brought Teresa to town to buy some things. Then we're goin to buy something to eat. Ya wanna join us, Val ?”

“ Sure Johnny. Gots nothin better ta do.”

Johnny and Val visited for a while and decided it was time to go meet up with Teresa.

They both look across the street and looked at a group of young girls gathering. Johnny looks at Val.

"There were five girls Val, when I dropped Teresa off. Now there's seven Val. You have any idea what's going on.”

“ Not at all Johnny. It's funny tho, they keep looking our way.”

“Well nothing for you or me to worry about. Hey! Teresa! Over here. Let's eat Val.  I'm starvin.”

“You always starvin buddy.”

“Johnny! Look them girls are still gathering. I count eight. That's strange.”

“Sure is honey. Val and I counted seven, just a couple minutes ago.”

“Yea. Startin to bug me too, they keep looking our way. Maybe they have somethin going on and just watchin folks walkin down the street. Anyway Johnny, Teresa let's go eat.”

They finished eating and just stopped out the door, when the group of girls started screaming. They were jumping up and down. Up and down. They kept pointing towards Val, Johnny and Teresa.

' Well I guess I’ll go see what them screamin young'uns are hollorin about.” Val says.

“Johnny I count 14 now. You think Val will need help? They seem so excited to me. I know when I was their age. I would scream at people I was happy to see.”

“Yea well I'm glad I ain't no girl.  That there screaming is getting of my nerves. I can't imagin Val's enjoyin it.”

Val comes back across the street.

“I can't figure it out Johnny.  Ever time I ask them what's wrong, they just scream. Maybe, you Miss Teresa can get them to talk. I can't even get them to look at me. They just keep lookin over here.”

“Ok! Val I'll go see what's wrong.”

"You be careful Teresa, they keep jumping and screamin funny like.”

“I will Johnny.  Most the girls know me.”

Teresa goes across the street. The girls stop screaming.

“High girls what's going on. Is something wrong, that has you all upset?”

“No Teresa it's just our fan club. We gathered, when we seen your wagon come in.”

“Our wagon why would it upset you this much Silvia?”

“It's not the wagon Teresa, that has us upset. It's what it brought to town. We are so excited, we can't control ourselves.”

“What do you mean you can't control yourselves. And what was in our wagon, you need to see?”

“Teresa! It's our fan club and you aren't even in it. You can't join anyway, cause where you live.”

“Silvia! I don't understand, what do you mean by where I live.”

“Miss Teresa, we can't tell you why you can't join.”

“Why not Cheryl. I can keep a secret.”

“Should we tell her girls. I think Miss. Teresa can help us out.”

“Ok Cheryl we all agree.” The girls all said at the same time.

“Well what's your fan club all about then.”

“OH! Miss Teresa! You're so lucky you get to see him everyday.”

“Cheryl! See Who? Oh! I get it. You all have a crush on Johnny.”

“Our fan clubs name is “ THE FANS OF JOHNNY MADRID LANCER.” We just think he's the cutest.” Says Silvia.

“He has the best walk, we can't get enough of watching it. Isn't that right girls.” Brenda says.

They start screaming again.

“ Brenda? You girls are to young for noticing things like that.”

“No we ain't Miss Teresa. We're 13 and 14 years old now. That's why I started this fan club.”

"Well is there anything you want me to tell or ask Johnny? Since we are here! I'm sure he'd be happy to talk to you.”

The girls started screaming again. As they noticed Johnny and Val coming across the street.

Teresa runs across the street.

“Johnny we have to leave now! Hurry up let's get in the wagon.”

Teresa grabs his hand and starts running for the wagon.

Johnny grabs the reigns.

“Teresa I think Val will need our help.”

Val comes running across the street.

“Johnny get out a here them girls are nuts. Saying somethin about souvenirs. They said you got um.”

“Val! I don't get it. I don't have any souvenirs.”

“Oh! Yes you do, brother Johnny. They think you are their souvenirs. They want to tare you apart piece by piece. They all want to take something of yours home. And if we don't hurry up they'll catch you.”

Johnny backs the team up and turns the wagon toward home.

The girls once again start screaming running down the street after them.

Johnny looks back and decides to move the team faster.

When they get far enough out of town, Val catches up.

“I don't get it Johnny! Them girls are cryin somethin fearse. Saying I love him, I love him.  What they mean Miss. Teresa.”

Yea! Teresa what do they mean. All that screamin an hollorin. Now Val says they're cryin.”

“Oh! Johnny! They have a fan club.”

“What's a Fan Club. Teresa?”  

“Can I finish Johnny? They have a fan club called “THE JOHNNY MADRID LANCER FAN CLUB.”



“Meaning Johnny they have a crush on you. They are your LOYAL fans.”

 Johnny Looks beside himself.

Teresa and Val look at each other and crack up laughing.

They all ride toward Lancer.

As Teresa says. “ I can't wait to tell Murdoch and Scott, why Johnny can't go to town anymore.

Johnny still looks upset as Val and Teresa crack up laughing again.


The End






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