Madre de Dios
by  Clementine



Madre de Dios, Val!

Donít you think I get bawled out enough by the old man without you doing it to?

Okay here she is - - -

         familiar  field    brought      handsome accident   road     irritable avoiding   homely

and yes now I see how it is that 1 r can say the difference in brought and bought becuase they are different.  Happy now?  Jesus.  And yes becuase donít look right but I just spent 100 hours studying on Murdochs dictionary and my eyes are sore as hell but I will check that word before I r..  write again.  All right?

I am glad that Jims wedding was such a hoot and I thank you for saying that the Winchester was from me to.  That is a fine gift and if Murdoch ever pays me again I will send my share.  Murdoch and Scott both got your letters.  They sure smiled a lot when they were reading them.

With all this letter writing I wunder do you have any time for sherriffing?

Your friend in affe

Your amigo

John Lancer



The End

September, 2016






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