Johnny's Monthly Holidays
by  Margaret Schmitz Compton


This story was written for the Challenge. It's just for fun. I am making no money off of it. I love the western Lancer and I am also a Johnny girl.
 I would like to Thank Doreen for being my beta. Because I am lousy with punctuation.


Johnny came traipsing down the stairs the day after Christmas.  “Hey Murdoch, I think we should have holidays like Christmas once a month.  How's bout starting January 25 then February 25?  As Scott would say et cetera, et cetera!  How bout it Murdoch? A great idea?”

“No Johnny. Holidays don't work that way.  They’re usually voted in by the Government in Washington D.C.”

“Awe Murdoch, why can't we just do it my way?”

Running down the stairs Scott almost made it to the kitchen for breakfast but was stopped as Murdoch beckoned him over.  “Scott, please explain to your brother why we can't have holidays once a month.”

Scott knew what Johnny was trying to do and grinned jokingly.  “But Murdoch, why can't we celebrate Christmas once a month?  I think it would be fun.”

“Scott you know we'd all be broke before the year ends,” Murdoch admitted with a worried look on his face.

“I know Murdoch but imagine all of the presents I would get. I mean we would get,” Johnny replied.  “As well as all that good food prepared for us to enjoy.”

“I tell you what Johnny, why don’t you go and tell Maria and Teresa about your idea and see what kind of response you get from them” Murdoch asked knowingly.  “It’s a wonder they don’t come after you considering the work and cost involved.”

“I already asked them Murdoch and they agreed it was okay.  Teresa said it's your money anyway.”

Murdoch rolled his eyes.  “Johnny you’re just impossible once you get something in your head.”

“What ya mean Murdoch?  Somethin’on my head?  I have a right to ask as there's nothin’ on my head.”

“I said in your head not on your head,” Murdoch replied with a sigh.  “Scott help me out here would you please?”

“Murdoch I believe you are on your own with this one,” Scott smiled back.

“Okay, now I get the picture. You’re both ganging up on me.”

“Murdoch we ain't ganging up on you.  We ain't even a gang.  We just want more holidays around here.  Imagine Murdoch, having more presents.  I know I'd like more presents.”

“I know you would Johnny though I think this discussion is now over,” Murdoch answered and went into the kitchen.

“Murdoch did you talk to Johnny about his trips out to town once a month for his holidays?” Teresa asked.

Murdoch shook his head.  “Now I see what's happening.  That boy is too much, up to his tricks by trying to confuse me about holidays.”

“I don't confuse you Murdoch. You’re already confused telling me I got somethin’ in my head.  I asked you about having a holiday once a month.  My head has nothin to do with that,” Johnny replied as he stood behind him.

“You're right Johnny.  Your head has nothing to do with taking holidays every month. I think holidays are somewhere else in your thoughts.  And how long do you think each holiday every month should last?”

“Well Murdoch I think maybe four or five days.”

“I see son. I tell you what. You can take your monthly holidays out at the barn. And I’ll come and help you forget your days away. How about that?”

Johnny realized he was beaten. “That's alright Murdoch. I'll just eat my breakfast and get to work.  You can discuss our holidays with Scott.  He was all for it too,” he said, pointing at Scott with a scowl.

“Little brother let me tell you something. How about Murdoch and me both take you to the barn and show you what we think of your once a month, week long holidays?”

“But Scott you agreed with me just a couple of minutes ago.  Now's not the time to turn tail and run.”

Murdoch laid a hand on his youngest son’s shoulder.  “Johnny your food is getting cold.  I think you should eat it before I decide you don't need it and Scott and I can both show you what you really need.”

“Okay I get it!  I'll quit seein’ I have an old man and brother who just don't want me havin’ any fun!”

Johnny picked up his plate in a huff, privately knowing his plan would work and maybe he’d take his monthly holidays anyway.  ‘I'll show them I have nothing on my brain. Cause I can still think. My brain works just fine,' he thought as he went out the door.


The end. 







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