My Ol' Man Sure is Big
by  EJ


April 2016


L * A * N * C * E * R

An exhausted Johnny sat in the shade and wiped his face with his shirt sleeve. He looked out toward the fence line, relieved that he was almost finished and could head home. Grinning he looked at the sweat and grime on his sleeve, maybe he could beat Boston to the bath house. A long, hot soak sure would feel good on his sore muscles.

He leaned back against the tree trunk, lost in thought for a few moments. He sure never thought he would be here and taking orders, never did like taking orders before. Then again, he never expected to find out he’d been lied to and that he had a home waiting for him, and a father who wanted him.

Johnny laughed and shook his head, Murdoch sure is big. Ain’t never seen anyone bigger and he is broad too. When standing next to the Ol’Man it made him feel like a little kid. But what really amazed him was… well, that feeling wasn’t a bad one. He jumped up and grabbed Barranca’s reins.

In fact it felt pretty damn good.






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