Scott Shares a Sweet Tooth
by  EJ


July 20 is National Lolllipop Day


July 2016


L * A * N * C * E * R

“What’s in the box, Boston?” Johnny hovered over the mystery package while tugged at the string.

Scott had had enough, he nudged his annoying little brother out of his line of sight and snacked away the hand. “Well, if you would get out of the way I would show you.” Frustrated, he pulled the box away from his brother and tucked it under his arm.

“Aw come on Scott, I just-” Johnny tried unsuccessfully to grab the box. 

Scott skillfully avoided the pest and dashed for the kitchen, but slammed into his father who was coming through the same door. “Whoa Scott,” Murdoch grabbed at his son to keep him from falling.  

“Hold ‘em Murdoch.” 

“Alright boys, what’s all this ruckus about?” Murdoch released his older son.

“Aw Murdoch, Boston got a package and he ain’t sharing.” Johnny pouted as he pointed to the box under Scott’s arm.

“Well, Sir, if a certain little brother would wait till I could open it in front of the family…” Scott aimed his glare at the pest, “He would see the contents.” 

“Johnny, I think that request is reasonable-”

“Yeah, yeah, I hate when y’all start talking alike.” Johnny pushed past Scott and his father and plopped onto a kitchen chair. 

The two older men made no attempt to hide the humor they felt at the situation which only made the younger Lancer feel ganged up on. “Think y’all are funny don’t ya?” He crossed his arms over his chest and aimed a world-class pout at his taunters. 

“No son, but Scott did say he would open it when everyone is here.” Murdoch attempted to placate Johnny, but by the look on his son’s face he knew he failed.

“Yeah, but if we wait for Teresa to get back from Stockton it’ll be next week.” Even he could hear the whine in his voice.

“I wasn’t going to make you wait, but I wanted Murdoch to be included.”

“Yeah.” Johnny bowed his head and peeked at his father. “Sorry Murdoch, guess I…”

Murdoch patted Johnny’s hand, “That’s okay son, I’m curious myself.”

“Well, now that we are together and a certain someone,” Scott smirked, “has calmed down I believe it is time to open the surprise.”

“ ‘Bout time.” Johnny leaned in closer unable to control his enthusiasm. As the paper was discarded and the box lid removed, Johnny’s eyes all but bugged out. 

Murdoch smiled at his older son and mouthed, “Nice.”

“What is it?” Johnny tentatively reached out to touch the object.

Scott chuckled, “It won’t bite, but you might bite it.”


“It’s a lollipop, I first encountered the confection on a trip to London.” Scott lifted the sweet from the box and help it up for his audience’s inspection.

“Boston, just tell me in plain English.” Johnny wasn’t sure if confection was good or bad.

“Its candy, Johnny, and it is very tasty.” Scott handed it to his brother. 

“Take it son, I’ve had this before and I am sure you will like it.” Murdoch loved watching Johnny experience new things. His boy had missed so much.

Johnny accepted the lollipop and turned it over him his hands; finally convinced it wouldn’t bite. “So how do ya eat this thing?”

“You lick it.” Scott made the motions of holding and licking the sugary treat.

“Yeah?” Johnny slowly raised it to his mouth and stuck out his tongue. The sweetness brought a smile to the doubting face. “Sure is good, Boston, but what are y’all eating?” He made no attempt to share.

Laughing, Scott pulled two more lollipops from the box. “I planned ahead,” he handed one to his father.

Three men sat in contentment enjoying their treats, “Very nice son, thank you.”

“Yeah, Boston, thanks, ya done good.” Johnny grinned ear to ear. Murdoch and Scott broke out in laughter.


“Nothing, just glad you are enjoying yourself.” Scott recovered first.

Murdoch smiled and wondered what Madrid would do if he could see Johnny Lancer’s pink lips from the raspberry flavored lollipop. 






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