UM Blueberry Pie
by  Margaret Schmitz Compton



Sense I just found out today is National Blueberry pie day I would write a small story. It's to many words for a drabble.


Teresa walks into the big living room and wines “ has anyone seen my blueberry pies? I made two today and they are gone.”     

“No darlen, I haven't even seen your pies. But I could sure smell them.” Murdoch answers.

“How about you Scott?” Teresa asks.

“No honey I haven't. Maybe when Johnny comes in maybe he has seen them.” Scott replys.                                                              

“I asked Maria and she is just as puzzled as I am. She said they were both there just a few minutes ago.” Teresa says.                           

Johnny walks in and Teresa asks him as he answers “No! Teresa, I DON'T see any blueberry pies. ” He smiles with blue teeth.

“Oh! Johnny how could you?” as Teresa says, then slaps him on the arm.

Everyone starts laughing as they see a smiling Johnny with blue lips.


The end





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