October 3rd. The Unofficial National Boyfriend Day
by  Margaret Schmitz Compton


Oct. 3, 2016

This is a little story I thought I would write as my 19 year old granddaughter found out on line that this is the unofficial National Boyfriend Day.

I would like to Thank the writers of the TV Show Lancer and all of the stars who brought such memories, so we fanfiction fans could create to our hearts content our own stories.

I make no money. All mistakes are mine. Margaret SC


“Hey Betty guess what today is.” Wanda asks.

“It’s October 3rd, 1870. Why don’t you know, Wanda?” Was Betty’s answer.

“I don’t understand you Betty; you never keep up with any special day.

Today is National Boyfriend day. 

Don’t you think of Scott as a boyfriend as you’ve dated him a couple of times.

I know Johnny is my boyfriend as I’ve dated him a couple of times.” Wanda says,

Betty speaks again, “I never thought of that Wanda. How can we be their girlfriends as they have dated every unmarried girl that they know in the San Joaquin Valley.”

“I know Betty but the other girls, don’t need to know what today is. Look who’s riding down the street. It’s both Johnny and Scott on their horses. Murdoch and Teresa is in a wagon. Let’s go let Johnny and Scott know that we can go on this picnic with them, for this holiday.

I know Johnny never turns down a meal. Every time I ask him he accepts.” Wanda says and grabs Betty by the arm and they run out of the store.


“Now boys, we will only be about an hour maybe a half hour longer. I don’t want us to be late for the church picnic tonight. I notice there are more young ladies out today. It looks like they’re just wondering around. I just don’t understand the girls of your generation. In my day the boys ask the girls out. Are you boys taking someone tonight?” Murdoch asks.

Scott replies,” I have asked Cheryl Mathews. I’ve been seeing her every chance I get for over two months now. How about you Johnny. Who are you taking?”

“I ain’t takin nobody Scott. I ain’t goin. I’m seein Cindy Lou, at Charlies Saloon.

I know there ain’t no commitments there.

I ain’t makin no one thinkin I’m gettin hitched. This kind of party is too organized for me. You know how that goes, this, um, is too organized by too many single girls.” Johnny turns and tries to leave as Murdoch grabs his arm.

He then says,” Young man you will go to the picnic with me. I am not taking anyone so you can hang out with us single men and dance with whomever you choose.  Even Jelly is going by himself. He says he’s not seeing Pat anymore so he’s going to dance with others. You know with three towns around here there’s more women out to enjoy. So I will be meeting you both at Charlies Saloon, in an hour to an hour and a half. Johnny I will not be chasing you all over town. Do you understand me? Son!”

“Yes sir. If I ain’t in town, I’ll be at the ranch. See all them girls headin this way. I ain’t choosing any of them. Look Scott there’s a couple I know you dated.” Johnny says.

Scott replies, “Yes Johnny but Cheryl is coming too, so I will not have to say anything. Cheryl being in my arms will say, whom I’m going with. You my brother have a problem so my advice is let’s go in the saloon now. They wouldn’t dare go in there looking for you. At least I hope not.”

Scott then goes to Cheryl and gives her a hug and tells her he’ll pick her up later in front of all of the other girls. The Scott girls all take off BUT the Johnny girls went right into the saloon.

Murdoch doesn’t believe his eyes, and then says, “I guess I better straighten this out before these young ladies’ dads see where they are.”

“Sir I don’t think you have a choice there are 5 dads coming for those 7 little girls. Well It looks like those girls have more of a problem as Val is coming too. I think maybe we need to go help Johnny out. Teresa do you think you can go set up without us?” Scott asks.

“Yes Scott I see Jay coming. He’s the guy I’m going with. Over here Jay.” Teresa then talks to Jay and leaves with him driving the wagon to where the picnic is.

Murdoch and Scott go into the saloon and see no sign of Johnny. They see all the girls surrounding a table and the dads yelling at them.

“Scott I don’t see Johnny setting at the table. Where do you think he went?” Murdoch asked.

“Well Sir, I was hoping he got away but I can see his legs laying under the table with a chair on top of him.”

Val then shoots his rifle into the air and says,” If’in I was you girls and your daddies, I would leave right now. This ain’t no place for young ladies like you’s” 

The girls’ dads were all agreeing with Val but the girls started fighting at the table and knocked it over. They were falling all over the chair that was broken over Johnny’s chest.

Johnny kept on tring to get up but the girls kept rolling over him.

Val shot his rifle again and says, “All you dads get them girls out of here even if’in you have to drag them.

If I have to drag you girls, you will be setting in the jail until the picnic it over. Now scoot.”

Their dads started dragging the girls out except for Betty and Wanda. They were still fighting about Who was taking Johnny.


Wanda says, “Get away from him. It’s not my fault Scott has a date.”

Betty answers, “He’s open game, as he says, he’s not taking anyone. I know he prefers me because you are so pushy.”

“Who’s pushy Betty, you knew I dated him not you.” Wanda answers.


Murdoch then says in a firm voice, “Ladies I don’t think anyone is going to be with Johnny as he is lying under the table and all of you girls that were fighting over him, had him pinned under that table with a broken chair.

Now you girls go to the picnic grounds before Val hauls you both in. You know what he thinks of Johnny and if Johnny is hurt Val will make someone pay.”

Wanda and Betty take off running as their fathers both run into the saloon.

Val pulls the chair off of Johnny and says, “Boy how do you always get yourself into this kind’a fix.

Scott will you get Sam. There seems to be a piece of wood sticking out of Johnny’s chest. He might even have a couple of broken ribs.”

“Yes sir!” Scott says and then he leaves.

Sam comes in and takes care of Johnny, “Well Murdoch he has two cracked ribs and four stitches from the piece of chair that went into his chest.

I don’t think he’ll be dancing.

He said he wants to go to the picnic and stay with you and Val. He says Val will keep the girls away.

It’s up to you Murdoch because I don’t want him riding his horse and he knows you all want to enjoy the day.”

Murdoch answers, “He also says he doesn’t like his parties organized so I guess he has no choice.

Come on Johnny, Val and I will take you over to the picnic. We’ll find a place as far from the crowed as we can.”


They head over to the picnic and find a spot at the far end of the area.

“Hey! Buddy is this fur nough for ya. Your Pa went to get you some food.

Scotts with his girl.

I will make sure none of them girls come over here.” Val says.


Murdoch brings Johnny’s food at the same time and says. “Yes Johnny Val and I will keep the girls away. How do you like that for a change.”

“What I think, Murdoch, that they should do away with that National Boyfriend Day.

Furthermore, they should outlaw girls chasing us guys.

It can get pretty painful if you ask me.

Hey Val how about getting Mayor Roberts to outlaw National Boyfriend day in our area.

Or put my old man in jail that day cause I told him I didn’t want to go.” Johnny says.

Murdoch steps in and says, “From now on Johnny I will listen to you. Also I will start that petition that the whole of the San Joaquin Valley, will never again celebrate

National Boyfriend Day.”


The End.






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