Homecoming Thoughts
by  Margaret Schmitz Compton


Here is one I wrote for Lancer Fanfiction on facebook. It was for the 46th anniversary

This is for the 46th Anniversary for Lancer's pilot The Homecoming.
I own no rights to Lancer this is just for entertainment and not for profit.
All mistakes are mine. Feel free to correct.



Murdoch thinking: I'm so tired. Another fire. This old bed sure will be so comfortable.
Sons both sons home.
It sure surprised me that they showed up at the same time.
Funny I didn't know what to expect.
Scott so polite and proper. So much like his mother.
Johnny well, Johnny so different.
He too is so much like his mother.
Getting his blue eyes from his uncle Thad. I wouldn't doubt he has the same temper. Always wild like the black sheep of the family.
They both turned out so much more different that I had hoped for.
I thought Scott would have been so much like his grandfather. I see he's more honest and not as aggravating as Harlan.
Johnny, I can see how he must be hurting by what he said. Knowing his past was told different than what I said. I pray he finds the truth and understand that I always wanted him.
I pray they both understand I always wanted them.
Both boys a great surprise a very welcome surprise.
Well itís time to get to bed. Tomorrow, I'll get to learn more of my boys.
Thank You God for bringing them both home.
And I pray I show a better attitude tomorrow, I don't want to drive them away.
Murdoch puts out the lamp and goes to sleep.

Scott thinking: My father, a tall man, a man with a hidden spirit.
Funny I thought he'd be more understanding and kinder to Johnny and me.
Now Johnny, there's a strange fellow.
Dresses funny.
Maybe for not out here but he'd never go unnoticed in Boston.
This will be interesting, learning about my funny dressed brother.
If grandfather only knew I had a brother but then again he probably knew.
I wonder why my father sent a Pinkerton agent to find me.
A letter would have done just as well.
But then again Iíll have to ask my father why.
Just seems so strange how that Pinkerton man knew where to find me.
It will be interesting learning about these two people, new to my life.
Time to get to bed ,looking forward to a new day to a new life.
Scott puts out the lamp and goes to sleep.

Johnny thinking: Well, well, well. A brother a fancy dan at that.
I'd never figured the old man had it in him.
Funny dresser though. Gotta figure out how to tell him, he'd get robbed or killed wearing suits like that. That hat, needs to be target practice, showered full of holes. Yep I'd be the one to do that.
I wonder if he's older than me. A big brother, I wonder if he likes wrestling in the mud. That way he'd have to buy new cloths get rid of the suit.
Murdoch, now there is a big man. Such a big man.
If I met him a few years ago, when I believed in giants, I'd take off running hoping he wouldn't catch me.
Mama telling me, if I left at night when she was at the cantina, that a giant would grab me and take me away.
I wonder if she meant the old man.
Sometimes mama would really scare me about a giant stealing me away.
I guess mama had good cause with the old man.
Tomorrow, a new day a new family.
Funny I never thought of having anyone to learn about.
A father and a brother something to sleep on.
Johnny turns off the lamp and goes to sleep.







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