In Memory of Marlene

Johnny Madrid Western Hero
by  Margaret Schmitz Compton


This is dedicated to Marlene Campbell who left us to soon.


Tears flowing down my face God. I don't care.

They may say, a man ain't supposed to cry.

I'm crying.

This loneliness will hit me, soon I know.

Why should a friend pass so quick?

I miss her so much, God. 

I remember how she would give, everyone, encouraging words

for writings, that they do for stories about me.

Yep! Johnny Madrid Western Hero.

Her first book about me.

She never seen me as a killer.

I was her hero.

 I'm going to miss the way she would look at me.

The way she would smile when I gave her a new picture.

She'd always say, a new cover picture for my new book.

Marlene, I'll miss you. I don't like dime novels but the ones you wrote for me, I will always keep and cherish.

Thank You for being my special friend.

God give her my message.

Marlene Thank You for caring. Bye.


He gets up and leaves her resting place.






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