National Rhino Day
by  Margaret Schmitz Compton


Sept 22, 2016

This little story is just for fun. No money is involved. I Thank the people who wrote and produced the Lancer TV show. All mistakes are mine.


Johnny laying down under a big oak tree just watching the men moving the cattle further down in the Southern Pasture.

“Now this is the life. Laying here watchin my ole man's men working, while I'm taken a siesta.

No one will dare tell me to get up and get to work cept the old man and big brother Scott.” Johnny is saying out loud.

He sleeps for around 45 minutes when he is suddenly awakened by strange thundering.

He looks up at a strange thing running towards Barranca.

He runs towards the horse to untie him.

As the horse is untied, he takes off running, as Johnny didn't even have time to get on Barranca.

He climbs up the tree as the funny looking animal chases him. “Wow. You are the most deformed cow I've ever seen.” Johnny says.

The strange cow twist around and around listening to the sound of Johnny's voice.

All of a sudden Barranca comes back looks at the strange cow and takes off again.

Johnny then panics and shoots his gun at the cow. He notices it just makes the cow mad.

“You must have the devil in you with that horn in-front of your face. I ain't never see such a deformed cow like you. I can't even kill you. You have a strange tail and strange feet. I hope the other beeves don't catch the sickness you have.” Johnny says to the creature.

His speaking to the cow, makes it mad again and it attacks the tree again. He fires his gun again.

He sees Murdoch and Scott riding in with another man. There's a funny wagon coming behind them.

Johnny fires his gun again and the funny looking cow rams the tree again.

The man with Murdoch yells. Don't fire that gun you're making him mad.”

As the wagon moves in, two men get out and rope the strange cow.

Johnny climbs down from the tree and yells at Murdoch. “ I hope, what that cow has isn't contagious. We'll never be able to sell them. Murdoch you have to kill that cow, with a different rifle. My gun just made it attack that tree. We'll have to burn it then bury it, so it's disease doesn't spread.”

Scott grabs Johnny's arm and turns him around and says, “Johnny that's not a cow that a Rhinoceros, from.”

Johnny cuts Scott off quickly and says, “Scott? If that cow gets our beeves sick, it will destroy the ranch.”

Scott grabs Johnny's arm again, “Johnny, will you listen to me. That is not a cow, it's a rhinoceros from Africa. It's here with a circus. Look at the cage it's in. It says.

“I can read Scott. It says Southern Jacobson's Circus.” Johnny answers.

One of the men that was with Murdoch came up to Johnny and said. “I am John Jacobson, Johnny. Sorry about putting you through the problem my Rhino caused. His name is Trouble because he escapes on us all the time. If the wrong person lets him out, of his cage or the wagon, he gets loose. He is dangerous though. He could have killed you.

There was a man who let him loose on purpose.

Why I don't know. Murdoch says he use to work for you but he fired him today.”

Johnny turns his head and asks Murdoch, “Who's the idiot who let that animal loose?”

“It was Tim, Johnny he said he'd hope you would run into the animal.

He then said that he would be rid of you, if that creature caught you on the ground.

He knew where you were.

Why, he did it, I don't know Johnny. I thought he liked you.” Murdoch said.

“Yea, he liked me until I caught him smacking Louisa around.

I then showed him how it felt.

You know me Murdoch, I can't stand anyone hitting women and children.” Johnny says.

Mr. Jacobson walks up to Johnny and says, “I am truly sorry that this happened, Johnny.

You are all invited to the circus in Green-river next week.

I'll have as many free passes, as you need.

I am glad that Trouble didn't hurt you.

We have to head on into town.

I hope to see you Murdoch and Scott also.

Maybe even Miss Teresa can join you.

By for now.” He gets on the wagon and leaves.

Johnny looks at Scott and Murdoch and says, “I don't mind going to the circus but I will stay away from that deformed cow. I mean Rinoousourus.

You know what I mean that strange looking creature.

He made that whole tree shake.

I think he could have pushed it down if'n you guys never showed up and I fell.

I think that's one Rinoousourus that would have done me in.

I hope I see Tim at the circus, he'll see how I appreciate him letting Trouble out.” Johnny hops on Barranca and rides towards the ranch with Murdoch and Scott behind him.

Riding out of Morro Coyo, Tim says to his friend Rob. I am glad we're heading to Texas. If Johnny survives that deformed cow, he'll be looking for me. And I sure don't want him catching up.

The Circus arrives to the outskirts of Greenriver.


The end.






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