by  Clementine


Saludos, Val

I have took so long to write as we have had a time of it.  Scott went off after a girl he knew (think on The Bible is all Iíll say) (if you ainít familar with the Bible then he had his corn ground) and then all of us broght back a real hansome baby which Murdoch gave away.  Turned out it wasnít ours but I would of kept him.  Murdoch broght home another girl also.  She had a real fine figure which I guess you know you ainít supposed to see.  She took a strong fancy for me as you would expect Val, but I held her off and let vaso have the feild free, only taking her out in the buggy once.  The buggy is fixed now after the small axcident.  I would not of run it off the rode if Tansy had any sense.  Murdoch was iriterble as hell     maybe even worse than you. Women sure are trouble and you have chose well avoiyding them.

I hope you and Jim are keeping your powder dry.  I miss seeing your homily faces.  Bet you would like to be close enugh to make me sorry I said that.

Me to.

cuidar de sŪ mismo (take care of yourself)

John Lancer


The End

June, 2016





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