Battle in Green River
by  EJ


Sequel to Legacy Episode POV Challenge

Started in February-Finished in May 2016 (Writer’s Block)


(This sequel features the obnoxious Emelyn Anker and her comeuppance.)


L * A * N * C * E * R

Murdoch pulled the wagon up to the Widow’s store and slowly, painfully climbed down. Stretching his aching back he was seriously reconsidering his decision not to send Teresa and one of his sons to pick up the supplies. Oh well he sighed, too late to regret it now. He pulled the shopping list from his coat pocket and tried not to limp as he climbed the steps to the boardwalk.

Murdoch stopped in the doorway and cringed, ‘Could the day get any worse?’ Standing at the counter the Widow was talking to Mrs. Anker, the town busybody. Before he could turn and duck out the door unnoticed, both women called his name. Resigned to his misfortune Murdoch slowly turned and tipped his hat, “Good morning ladies.”

“Good morning Murdoch,” the Widow moved from behind the counter and advanced on the tall rancher. Smiling up at him she held out her hand, “Do you have a long list for me?”

“Mostly the usual,” he handed the list over. “Teresa said you were holding some fabric for her.” He hoped it wasn’t some outlandish color since it was for new curtains in the kitchen.

“I’ll leave it to you since I have some other errands, will an hour be enough time for you?” Murdoch was edging his way toward the door.

The Widow was trying, without much success, to stifle the smile at Murdoch’s escape attempt. “Certainly, and hour will be fine.”

Emelyn took this opportunity to address her concerns to Mr. Lancer, after all there were safety issues with having a gunfighter around. She cleared her throat, “Murdoch Lancer.”

Almost to the door he was stopped by an all too familiar voice, he shoulders drooped. He turned and plastered a fake smile on his face, “Good morning, Emelyn.”

Sure in her righteous indignation, the short, stout, busybody waddled up to Murdoch, “We need to talk.”

“About what?” He towered over her but it was obvious she wasn’t going to back down.

“I think you should be considering the safely of Teresa, Lancer, and the people in town with ‘that gunfighter’-” Her mouth fell open when Murdoch leaned toward her and ground out.

“Johnny is my son-”

Before he could finish the Widow pushed between the two and shoved the big rancher backward so she could face Emelyn. “Now just a minute, don’t you dare call Johnny ‘that gunfighter’”. She was now nose to nose with the busybody and raising her voice. “Johnny is a good man and thanks to him and Scott they ridded the valley of Pardee and his gang.” Putting one hand on her hip she raised the other and pointed toward the door, “I won’t allow you to say anything against Johnny or any of the Lancers. Just one more word from you and I will personally throw you out that door.” Taking a breath and shoving the loose hair back behind her ear, the Widow straighten to her full height, “Well?”

Emelyn, shocked but never a loss for words, “Well what, honestly Eulalia how can you defend the gunfighter?” Too late she realized her mistake, the next thing she knew she was out the door and sitting in the dusty street.

Eulalia stood at the top of the steps, hands on hips, and glared down Emelyn, “I take it you now understand I will not tolerate your bigotry and until you change your attitude…” She looked around at the gathering crowd, “And I mean any bigot…” She lowered her hands, raised her head, and rose to her full height, “Don’t bother coming into my store.”

Confident she had made her point she turned to a bemused Murdoch, “Well, didn’t you have some errands to run?”







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