Johnny's Flower
by  EJ


In Memory of Marlene


June 2016


L * A * N * C * E * R

Johnny stared out his window but this morning the sun didn’t warm him like it usually did, no, there was no warmth. A friend was lost, a lady he hadn’t known that long but she had made such an impact on him. 

When most people saw Madrid, she saw Johnny. When most people would cross the street rather than pass near him, she would come up to him and lace her arm in his. She would ask how he was and never failed to invite him to join her for some lemonade. Usually they would sit on her front porch and talk about the ranch, or the horses he was working, he even enjoyed listening to her talk about a book she was reading. 

The lady never pushed him to talk about his past and she never discussed hers, they were friends and that was that. He reached for his gun hanging on the bed post and strapped it on, making sure it was adjusted he left his room and slipped out to Teresa’s garden. He had a plan.

The air was scented by the blooms, he inhaled deeply then made his way to the ones he knew she liked and picked the biggest one.

Mourners lined both sides of the open grave while the minister gave his blessing. Avoiding being seen, Johnny stood back under a tree and waited for them to disperse. When everyone was gone he moved to the grave and knelt by the wooden cross. Then he kissed the bloom and placed it on the wooden casket.

“I’m gonna miss you, you’ve been a special friend to me and I don’t have many of those…” He bowed his head, “… and now I have one less.”

He slowly rose and rubbed his hand over the name on the cross…




We are going to miss a special lady and her Johnny stories.







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