LAWMAN Episode Recommendations

Thinking of buying some Lawman videos but aren't familiar with the titles?  Below are some lists of favorites that might help. 

WHAT THE STARS LIKED:  Two of Peter Brown's favorites are "The Friend" and "Blue Boss & Willie Shay" because he got to work with his buddies Robert Fuller and Sammy Davis Jr.  Peter liked the "lighter" episodes like "Detweiler's Kid" (many written by Ric Hardman) better than John Russell did.  John actually had a great sense of humor in person but had difficulty bending the Dan Troop character to any really silly moments. Peter had no problem adapting to the lighter Lawman episodes just as he had no trouble slipping into the light melodrama of Laredo.  John Russell favored the Richard Matheson scripted episodes and generally those that explored the characters of Troop and Johnny.  His favorites:  "Yawkey", "The Deputy" "The Gang" "Thirty Minutes" "The Souvenir" and "The Joker"

Do you have a list of favorites?  Tell us the basis for choosing your favorites [e.g. best action, best script, the most Peter, the most John, favorite guest stars] and we'll put up your list.

Check Cru's Page for lists of available episodes on video, most from film chaining.  If Warners ever makes them available commercially we'll announce it here.

NiteOwls Lawman
Starter Kit
(In chronological order)
12 Good Basic Episodes for an overview of the three main characters & basic themes
  • The Deputy [ep 1]
  • The Prisoner [ep 2]
  • The Joker [ep 3]
  • The Gang [ep 26]
  • Young Toughs [ep 28]
  • Lily [ep 40]
  • The Breakup [ep 45]
  • Thirty Minutes [ep 63]
  • The Go-Between [ep 78]
  • Yawkey [ep 82]
  • The Appointment [ep 126]
  • Mountain Man [ep 143]

  • Mardi's Top 15
    Peter, Peter, Peter
    Mardi started a Laredo fan and picked up the Lawman habit from her older friends.
    1.  Cornered
    2.  The Appointment
    3.  Chantay
    4.  The Breakup
    5.  Detweiler's Kid
    6.  The Joker
    7.  The Deputy
    8.  The Swamper
    9.  The Son
    10. The Friend
    11. Young Toughs
    12. Friend of the Family
    13. Mountain Man
    14. The Youngest
    15. Jailbreak

    Cru the Lawmaniac knows more about Lawman than all our group put together.  She favors the Marshal/Deputy relationship stories.  Says this list is subject to vacillation
      Cru's Top Ten:
    1. Thirty Minutes
    2. The Go-Between
    3. The Joker
    4. Yawkey
    5. The Gang
    6. The Breakup
    7. Cornered
    8. Souvenir
    9. The Stranger
    10.The Press

    Cru's Best of the Rest:
    [Chronological Order]

    *The Deputy
    *The Prisoner
    *Short Straw
    *Young Toughs
    *The Truce
    *Samson the Great
    *The Promise
    *No Contest
    *Return of Owny *O'Reilly
    *The Appointment
    *Mountain Man
    *The Long Gun
    *The Youngest
    *The Friend

    Randy, the Lawman fanatic in our NiteOwl group, likes the relationship stories best but also has some lighter favorites.  She can't believe Cru doesn't have Detweiler's Kid on her list.
    Randy's Top Ten:
    1.  Cornered
    2.  The Deputy
    3.  The Breakup
    4.  Thirty Minutes
    5.  The Friend
    6.  The Appointment
    7.  Detweiler's Kid
    8.  The Gang
    9.  Chantay
    10. Young Toughs

    Randy's Best of the Rest
    [Chronological Order]

    *The Joker
    *The Stranger
    *The Swamper
    *The Go-Between
    *Samson the Great
    *Blue Boss & Willie Shay
    *The Son
    *By the Book
    *Friend of the *Family
    *Mountain Man
    *The Youngest

    Frank's Baker's Dozen
    Dan Troop--Role Model
    Frank found Dan Troop to be one of his most inspiring heroes.
    [Chronological order]
    * The Deputy
    * The Prisoner
    * The Joker
    * The Encounter 
    * The Gang
    * The Journey
    * The Press
    * Thirty Minutes
    * Left Hand of the Law
    * The Go-Between
    * Yawkey
    * The Post
    * Samson the Great

    Brad's Lily List
    [Chronological Order]
    * Lily
    * The Exchange
    * The Breakup
    * 9:05 to North Platte
    * To Capture the West
    * The Ugly Man
    * Thirty Minutes
    * The Lady Belle
    * The Go-Between
    * The Old War Horse
    * Yawkey
    * Firehouse Lil
    * The Promoter
    * The Juror
    * The Substitute
    * The Catalog Woman
    * Porphyria's Lover
    * Mountain Man

    Jo Anne's Top 15
    Again Peter, Peter, Peter
    Jo Anne is another Laredo fan who discovered Lawman postLaredo.  She was born the year Lawman debuted so she can't be faulted for not starting as a Lawman fan.  But she likes it enough to have collected all the episodes (except the three we're all missing).
    1. 30 Minutes  (best)
    2. Go-Between (2nd best)
    3. The Joker
    4. The Friend 
    5. The Breakup
    6. Shackled
    7. Captives
    8. The Badge
    9. The Truce
    11.The Appointment
    12.Young Toughs
    13.Girl from Grantsville
    14.The Stranger
    15.Town Boys

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