LAREDO Episode Recommendations

Thinking of buying some Laredo videos but aren't familiar with the titles?  Below are some lists of favorites that might help. Two of Peter Brown's favorites are "Anybody Here Seen Billy?" and "Yahoo."

Do you have a list of favorites?  Tell us the basis for choosing your favorites [e.g. best action, best script, the most Chad, Joe, Reese, Erik, Captain; favorite guest stars] and we'll put up your list.

For those (like us) who like CLAUDE AKINS, he was in five episodes: "Limit of the Law Larkin;" "Treasure of San Diablo;" "Hey, Diddle, Diddle;" "A Question of Guilt;" "Walk Softly."

Starter Kit
(In chronological order)
15 Good Basic Episodes for an overview of the 5 main characters.
* Lazyfoot Where Are You?
* I See by Your Outfit
* Yahoo
* Rendezvous at Arillo
* Anybody Here Seen Billy?
* The Calico Kid
* Limit of the Law Larkin
* Miracle at Massacre Mission
* Quarter Past Eleven
* The Deadliest Kid in the West
* Coup de Grace
* The Land Slickers
* Road to San Remo
* The Seventh Day
* Scourge of San Rosa
* Enemies & Brothers

Randy likes the Chad/Joe team with or without the others.  To her Reese was great seasoning not a good main course 
  Randy's Top 15:
1. Rendezvous at Arillo
2. Anybody Here Seen Billy?
3. Lazyfoot Where are You?
4. A Question of Discipline
5. Yahoo
6. I See by Your Outfit
7. Road to San Remo
8. The Calico Kid
9. Deadliest Kid in the West
10. Miracle at Massacre Mission
11. The Other Cheek
12. Seventh Day
13. Limit of the Law Larkin
14. Land Slickers
15. Jinx

Robin likes all the original leads
but she likes JOE best [way best] 

Robin's Top 15:

1.  Lazyfoot Where Are You?
2.  Yahoo
3.  Deadliest Kid in the West
4.  Limit of the Law Larkin
5.  Road to San Remo
6.  Rendezvous at Arillo
7.  The Other Cheek 
8.  Bitter Yen of General Ti
9.  Anybody Here Seen Billy?
10. Miracle at Massacre Mission
11. Land Slickers
12. Question of Discipline
13. I See By Your Outfit
14. Enemies & Brothers 
15. The Calico Kid

Mardi's Top 10
1.  Anybody Here Seen Billy?
2.  Lazyfoot Where Are You?
3.  A Question of Discipline
4.  The Calico Kid
5.  Miracle at Massacre Mission
6.  Road to San Remo
7.  Three's Company
8.  Prince of a Ranger
9.  Deadliest Kid in the West
10. Land Grabbers

Brad's REESE List
1.  The Golden Trail
2.  Short Happy Fatherhood of Reese Bennett
3.  A Very Small Assignment
4.  Would-be Gentleman of Laredo
5.  I See by Your Outfit
6.  Scourge of San Rosa
7.  A Taste of Money
8.  Double Shot of Nepenthe
9.  Leave it to Dixie
10. Treasure of San Diablo

Joan's ERIK List
1.  Legend of Midas Mantee
2.  Any Way the Wind Blows
3.  The Seventh Day
4.  Coup de Grace
5.  The Land Slickers
6.  One Too Many Voices
7.  Last of the Caesars - Absolutely
8.  Split the Difference
9.  Sweet Gang
10. Enemies & Brothers

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