Lancer Trivia
by  JEB

Trivia Game from the recent Lancer Convention.  Thank you Janet for all the hard work!


Child of Rock and Sunlight


  1. What day is Scott supposed to take the stage?
  1. What do the Sickles and Pearl find on Scott that’s valuable?
  1. What crude signaling device did Andy Jack have?
  1. What book does Scott use to give Andy Jack reading lessons?
  1. How much is the bounty on Luke Sickles?


The Heart of Pony Alice


  1. What was given to the horse that Johnny bought from Wilf Guthrie to make it look fat and sassy?
  1. What is the name of the town in that Wilf Guthrie is in when Johnny goes looking for him?
  1. What is printed on the sign at the livery stable?
  1. How much does the Bath House charge for a bath?
  1. What does Pony call Johnny’s six-shooter?
  1. What kind of officer of the law does the town have?
  1. How much does a room cost at Florida’s boarding house?
  1. How much does Guthrie want for Pony from Johnny?
  1. Name the pranks that Pony pulls at Lancer while waiting for her uncle.


The Black McGloins Party


  1. What does the McGloins dinner supposedly consist of?
  1. How much land surrounds the house that the McGloins have moved into?
  1.  How much rent is Scott going to charge them to stay there?
  2.  What is the name of the sow that was the mother of the stolen piglets?
  1. What is the name of the owner of that sow?
  1. What is the name of the body of water that Jelly and Johnny are headed for in order to check on the condition of the dam?


The Kid


  1. What doesn’t Johnny have in his saddlebags that the kid thinks he should have?
  1. What is the name of the boy who tries to rob Johnny?
  1.  What are the contents of the boy’s pocket when Scott places them on the table?
  1. What are the names of the ranchers the boy holds responsible for the death of his father?
  1.  What is the boy’s sister’s name?
  1.  How much does Johnny tell the kid Barranca will sell for and under what condition?
  1.  On which hand does Johnny wear a glove when he rides into town?


Black Angel


  1. What causes Murdoch to pause as he and the boys are supposed to be leaving Jelly’s quarters?
  1. Name the perfumes/colognes that the boys find on the dresser.
  1. Which lady does Scott identify as Jelly’s lady love in Morro Coyo?
  1. Which lady does Johnny identify as Jelly’s lady love in Morro Coyo?
  1. What is the wager between the boys on who’s right?
  1. What is the name of Jelly’s lady love?
  1. How long have they known each other?
  1. How much are the insurance policies worth that Jelly and the lady have?
  1. What do the boys tell the insurance salesman they do for a living?




  1. How far is Lancer from the town the men are in?
  1. What does the sign advertise that Scott takes an interest in?
  1. How long do the passengers have before the stage leaves?
  1. What is the name of the restaurant in this town?
  1. What are the names of the bounty hunters?
  1. How much is the reward they’re after?
  1. What is the name of the wanted man?
  1. How much does it cost to rent a rig at the livery stable?
  1. Where was the crime committed?
  1. How is the wanted man described?
  1. How does Scott describe Julie to Johnny?
  1. Where does the fight take place in which Jonas Barrett is killed?
  1. How many head of cattle has Murdoch made a deal for?


The Prodigal


  1. Where does the story open?
  1. Who is Murdoch’s old friend that he meets in the hotel?
  1. What is the name of her son?
  1. What are the names of Murdoch’s cattlemen friends with whom he is playing poker?
  1. What was Mrs. Dane’s son’s sentence for being AWOL?
  1. How much money does he need for passage money for he and his friend to take a boat?
  1. How much money do the escapees steal from Murdoch’s safe?


Lamp in the Wilderness


  1. What are the names of the three children that Murdoch ends up bringing home with him?
  1. What tribe are they from?
  1. Is it two boys and one girl or two girls and one boy?
  1. What is the name of the little girl who clings to the teacher?
  1. Why does Curley want the boys from the school?
  1. What is Curley’s tribal name?
  1. How long was Curley a scout before returning to his village?
  1. What is the teacher’s name?


Dreams of Falcons


  1. Where is the water problem in this episode (as in lack of water)?
  1. What is the location of the best source of water?
  1. How many cowboys harass Chad while he waits for Murdoch and Johnny?
  1. What is the name of the man Chad befriends in this story?
  1. What is the man working on?
  1. How much is Buck charging for the water he’s willing to provide?


Last Train For Charlie Poe


  1. What color is the tablecloth on the table in the Poe’s kitchen?
  1. How many people does the table sit?
  1. What is the name of the Judge that Murdoch approaches on the street?
  1. What town are they in when all this is happening?
  1. What is the name of the man who is forcing people from their homes?
  1. How long was Charlie in prison?
  1. What is the name of the Sheriff?
  1. How much money is in the safe in the express car?




  1. Where were Scott and Murdoch returning from on the stage?
  1. How much money did Murdoch get for the horses they sold?
  1. Where is the money from that they got for the horses?
  1. How much does the storekeeper offer Glory for her “diamond” stickpin?
  1. How long until the next stage to San Jose?
  1. Who, according to Scott, is the mayor of St. Louis?
  1. How much land does Glory claim to have in San Jose?
  1. How much money does she want as a “good faith” down payment?
  1. Does Murdoch use his left or his right hand to hold his fork?
  1. How far is Lancer from San Jose?
  1. What is the name of Murdoch’s friend in San Jose?
  1. How much money does Murdoch give Scott to make the trip to Stockton to buy the purebred bull that they saw?


Cut The Wolf Loose


  1. What is the name of the mission?
  1. What killed Laura’s father?
  1. What’s different, for a while, about Jelly and Scott?
  1. When did the cantina change ownership?
  1. What are the names of the fancier places down the street from the cantina?
  2. On what numbers does Scott places his bets at the wheel of fortune?
  1. What is the name of the owner of the cantina?
  1. Name one of the Indians at the mission.


The Gifts


  1. Name the three gifts and who bought which one.

100.  What is the name of Jelly’s gift?

101.  Where does the young artist want to go?

102.  What killed her parents and left her with a bad heart?

103.  What is the name of the young man that is killed in front of the saloon?

104. What is wrong with Mr. Mumford?

105.  What medicinal plant does Jelly need?

106.  Besides his gift for Murdoch what did Jelly buy with his hard-earned money?

107.  What does Murdoch wind up receiving as gifts from his sons and Jelly?




108.  Where is the bank located at which Scott has just conducted business for Murdoch?

109. What is the name of the girl Scott helps?

110. What is the name of her father-in-law?

111.  Where do the Foleys intend to meet to coordinate their search for the girl?

112.  What is painted on the sign at the abandoned way station Scott takes her to?

113.  How much does the girl’s father-in-law offer her for the baby she’s about to have?

  114. What name is the baby given? 


Good-Bye Lizzie


109.    What’s the name of the blacksmith with whom Murdoch is conducting business?

110.    What is Lizzie’s proper name?

111.    What was Lizzie’s husband’s name?

112.    What does Lizzie find in the house that reminds her of her daughter?

113.    What is Lizzie’s daughter’s name?

114.    Name two of Lizzie’s “boys”.

115.    What is the cause of Lizzie’s death?




116.    What is the name of the leader of the rowdies that come into the saloon?

117.    Why doesn’t Johnny escape after helping the Kentuckians?

118.    What does Chad save Johnny from?

119.    What, reportedly, is Chad and Callie’s last name?

120.    What word does Callie use for ambushed?

121.    How far is the road to Lancer from the camp the three of them are in?

122.    How far from Lancer are they when Johnny sends Callie to the ranch?

123.    What is the date of the entry in the book (journal?) Murdoch has that tells of the death of a Buford at the hands of a Lancre?

124.    What is the name of the Lancre who killed him?


Blind Man’s Bluff


125.    What is the name of the man at the line shack?

126.    What kind of animal does Mattie ride?

127.    What is distinctive about it?

128.    What is the distance between Johnny and his bushwhackers?

129.    Where does Mattie hide Johnny when she pulls him out of the water?

130.    Where is Mattie’s cabin located?

131.    What is the name of the “town” it’s located near?

132.    What does the note Mattie leaves Johnny say?


The Lorelie


133.    What is the name of the only woman in the poker game?

134.    What is the name of the assayer’s wife?

135.    What is the assayer’s name?

136.    How much money is Jelly to get as an initial payment on the mine interest?

137.    Where does Johnny drive Jelly?

138.    What is the name of the hotel Jelly will be staying at?

139.    How much money did Jelly keep from the price of the ore for “walking around money”?

140.    How much was the mine stock selling for in San Francisco and New York?


Blue Skies for Willie Sharp


141.    What is the bet that the Lancers and Jelly have?

142.    How does Johnny do his best fishing?

143.    What is Willie’s grandfather’s name?

144.    What is the name of the town where he is reportedly living?

145.    Who “owns” the town?


Splinter Group


146.    Why is Scott lost in the badlands?

147.    Name the three people that find him.

148.    What part of the supplies being given to them does the leader of the group reject in favor of vegetables?

149.    What incident are these people fleeing from?

150.    How much is the reward for the leader of the group?

151.    Where did the incident they’re fleeing from take place?

152.    Name the people Sheriff Sam Jayson wants for his posse.

153.    What does Jelly feed the children while waiting for his stew to cook?

154.    What is the name of Scott’s special friend in the group?


The Great Humbug


155.    How much money did the little girl in the audience “win”?

156.    How much money is land worth right now according to Scott?

157.    What is the name of Murdoch’s friend who lives in the mountains?

158.    How much money does Murdoch give his friend for his worthless land?

159.    What is Teresa doing while she sits on the porch?

160.    What is the name of Uncle Dan’l Drew’s company?

161.    Where is the land located that Murdoch buys from his friend?

162.    What time is the stage that the con man (medicine man) is supposed to be on?

163.    How much money did Buttermere leave for Lavinia’s schooling?

164.    What did Buttermere have when he left Lancer?


The High Riders


165.    How much is Scott offered to hear his father out?

166.    How much is Johnny offered for “an hour of your time”?

167.    How far is Johnny from Morro Coyo when the stage picks him up?

168.    How many vaqueros does Murdoch tell the boys he used to have?

169.    How many vaqueros does he have now?

170.    What is the denomination of the coins that Johnny tells Scott he’s been finding all over the place?

171.    How does Johnny refer to his brother as Scott and Cipriano prepare to lead a group into the mountains presumably on a hunt for Pardee?

172.    What time do Pardee and his bunch plan to raid Lancer?

173.    What are Johnny’s “famous last words” after the battle?

174.    What is the name of Murdoch’s lawyer?


The Rivals


175.    Who bids $15 on a horse at the beginning of the story?

176.    Who follows up with a $20 bid?

177.    How many of the people in attendance at the auction only came to watch Murdoch and Aggie bid against each other?

178.    How much do the horses Murdoch was bidding on finally go for?

179.    What is Aggie’s full name?

180.    What was Aggie’s husband’s name?

181.    What did he call his special chair?

182.    Who is Aggie engaged to?


Jelly Hoskins American Dream


183.    Where is Murdoch when the story opens?

184.    What kind of animal does Jelly believe is a misfit?

185.    How much does Jelly wind up paying for his new “friend”?

186.    What does he name it?

187.    What is the name of the man from town that thinks Jelly has bought a freak?

188.    How much does he offer Jelly to take it off his hands?

189.    What must you say to get the animal moving?

190.    What does the cow eat that makes her sick?

191.    What was the name of the circus owner to whom Jelly’s friend belonged?


The Experiment


192.    What is the name of Murdoch’s friend who’s running the experimental prison farm?

193.    Where is the land located that Murdoch donated for the farm?

194.    How far is it from the ranch?

195.    What was the dream Murdoch and his friend shared?

196.    What is Ox’s real name?

197.    What did Ox do to end up in prison?

198.    Of which court was Billy a ward from the ages of 6 – 12?

199.    Name the three board members who “visit” the camp. 


Shadow of a Dead Man


200.    What object has Jelly just “repaired”?

201.    Whose land has just been taken over by land grabbers from back east?

202.    How far from Lancer is Murdoch’s land at Cabot Springs?

203.    What does Johnny say is the only thing you can grow on that land?

204.    How is Harner’s horse injured?

205.    How much does Johnny sell the land for?


The Fix-It Man


206.    How much is the cost of the broken plate glass window at the saloon?

207.    Which town is it in?

208.    Who is Murdoch’s VIP guest?

209.    How much money did Scott pledge to have the jail built?

210.    Who owns the saloon and what relation is he to Charlie?

211.    How much will Charlie charge to build the jail?

212.    What does the sign say that’s hung on the jail at the end?




213.    How much money has Murdoch just deposited in the bank?

214.    What does Jelly call Murdoch’s cigars?

215.    Name the eight boys Jelly is taking care of.  Extra point for each one you can describe.

216.    What, besides food and shoes, did Jelly steal from the Lancers?

217.    What does the littlest boy give Johnny as a farewell present?

218.    How much did the judge fine Jelly for breaking jail?

219.    How is he going to repay Murdoch?


The Lion and the Lamb


220.    What’s in the wheelbarrow that the rowdies move into the street?

221.    How much did the tailor tell them his sign cost?

222.    What happens to Johnny while hazing the bull?

223.    What do the Initial CCGA stand for on the banner hanging in the Great Room at Lancer?

224.    Who is the cattleman who makes threats regarding the sheep while at Lancer?


The Buscaderos


225.    Where is Johnny during most of this story?

226.    How much tax money is bound for Sacramento?

227.    What time is it when Murdoch is ready to let the town pay the ransom?

228.    What does Scott tell Johnny this whole incident was about?

229.    What are Johnny and Scott doing when Murdoch and Jelly arrive at the end?


The Wedding


230.    Which Lancer was not happy about the upcoming wedding?

231.    Where was the wedding to take place?

232.    What is the name of the bride?

233.    How long ago did Macall break out of jail before arriving at Lancer?

234.    How much did Macall pay Jenny for the clothes she gave the bride to be?

235.    How many times did Jenny have to hit Josh before he passed out? (With a piece of lumber no less.)


Death Bait


236.    Why does Johnny tell Scott they’re leaving the saloon?

237.    How much does a beer and a steak cost?

238.    Which character is introduced in this episode?

239.    Where is the herd Johnny and Scott are driving going to bed down?

240.    Whereabouts in Texas was Jelly seven to eight years ago?

241.    How does Murdoch lose his eyesight?

242.    How much money does Jelly tell Teresa he has in his gear and what are they to do with it if anything happens to him?


Warburton’s Edge


243.    Who are the three men that Johnny meets up with when he disembarks from the stage?

244.    What “task” does Warburton require of Johnny before he’ll allow him to join his group?

245.    What is “Tallie” short for?

246.    In what African country was Warburton once set upon by a group of dervishes?

247.    What is Sexton Joe’s last name?

248.    What are Ishem’s last words to Johnny?


Angel Day and her Sunshine Girls


249.    Who’s not going to be responsible for any “sloppy work”?

250.    What “childish” act is Johnny seen performing in this episode?

251.    Where was Marshal Thurmond from?

252.    How much does Carl Bolton tell Murdoch he’ll take to talk Angel into letting Teresa stay at Lancer?  (It’s to “mend her broken heart”.)

253.    What is the name of the mining town on the Nevada border that Murdoch is to meet Bolton at in three days?


Camp Juniper


254.    What is Jim Harper’s valise made of?

255.    Where is Morro Coyo in relation to the camp?

256.    What is the name of Bobby’s deceased fiancée?

257.    Who’s a “grade A candidate for the hangman”?


Man Without A Gun


287.    How much does Zeek the barber charge for a haircut in the beginning?

288.    Whose place did Clay Criswell buy in Green River?

289.    How is Val injured?

290.    Name four businesses that are located in Green River.

291.    How many children did Val leave fatherless when he was forced to kill Lone Crow?

292.    What has Val been buying from these children?

293.    How much does Zeek charge for a haircut after Johnny has gone elsewhere?


Chase A Wild Horse


294.    What is Johnny’s friend’s name?

295.    What was Johnny supposed to be doing when he and his friend went after the horses?

296.    How long has it been since Johnny drew anything on his pay?

297.    What does Johnny want in return for breaking the stallion for the liveryman?

298.    What happens to Scott when he tries to leave the ranch to get help while they’re “under siege”?

299.    How does the episode end?




300.    What is Teresa trying to do while Johnny sits on Barranca and teases her?

301.    What is Murdoch’s friend’s name?

302.    Why does this friend need the partnership with Murdoch?

303.    What is the name of the prisoner?

304.    What is the name of the deputy that is killed?


Blood Rock


305.    What is the name of the boy whose mother’s funeral the Lancers and Teresa are attending?

306.    What is the boy’s father’s name?

307.    What has the boy made for himself out of a block of wood?

308.    Who accompanies Murdoch and the boy to Blood Rock and who stays home?

309.    What does the dying man say to the boy at the end of the show?

310.    When does Murdoch plan on giving the boy the knife his father stole for him?


The Escape


311.    What is Scott doing when Teresa comes in bearing a tray with a sandwich on it?

312.    Who kidnaps Scott at gunpoint right out of the Great Room of the house?

313.    Where did he last see them?

314.    How many men died in the failed escape attempt?

315.    What does Dan Cassidy promise to send to Scott once he and Sarah are settled again?


Welcome to Genesis


316.    What is the cause of Jelly’s injuries?

317.    What is the name of the town Murdoch had to travel to to find a doctor?

318.    Who was the owner of the Mining company?

319.    What is the name of the lady who took the Lancers and Jelly in?

320.    Name the patients/parents and gifts that came to Banning at the end.


Little Darling of the Sierras


321.    How many games of horseshoes have Murdoch and Scott played when Johnny arrives home with the mail?

322.    What was the name of the dog that Murdoch used to have?

323.    What company made the player piano?

324.    What piece of literature does Penny rose recite at her father’s funeral much to the disgust/dismay of Aunt Hester?

325.    Name at least two of the items that come out of the piano at the end of the story.


Yesterday’s Vengeance


326.    What time is shown on the clock when the story opens?

327.    What is the name of the town Murdoch travels to?

328.    How much does Murdoch’s room cost him?

329.    Which room does he get?  (Bonus point if you can say where it was located.)

330.    Murdoch and Haney disagree that it’s been 24 years, 18 months and eleven days since they’ve seen each other.  One of them says it’s been 12 days.  Which one says which?

331.    What is the name of the man who owns the livery stable?




332.    How much do the Blakes get from Scott after they shoot him?

333.    Where did Scott follow the tracks of Teresa and her kidnappers to?

334.    Name the four Blakes.

335.    What name does Teresa give her kidnappers when they ask her who she is?

336.    How much reward is being offered for the Blakes?

337.    What name does Andy give the Lancers as his?

338.    Where does Andy claim to be from and where does he say he’s really from when Scott questions him on his lack of a “good old Texas drawl”? 




339.    The Lancer men are engaged in three different activities as this story opens.  Who’s doing what?

340.    Why does Johnny say the “escapee” won’t get very far?

341.    What’s the name of the Justice of the Peace?

342.    Whose store did the bandits try to rob?

343.    While waiting for Zee to join them at dinner Scott is attempting to play (he’s very rusty) what instrument?  (Bonus point [1 each] if you can name the song and the composer.)

344.    What is the motto embroidered on the sampler the widow is holding when he finds her after Zee’s escape?




345.    According to Jelly how long did Scott live in Boston?

346.    Where is the barbershop in relation to Harlan’s hotel?

347.    What is the name of the town where Catherine Lancer died? (Actually she died outside of town but that’s a mere technicality here.)

348.    How much money does Harlan give the Deegan brothers for expenses and how much more are they to get if they’re needed in court?

349.    How does Johnny describe Scott in the mirror scene?




350.    What two items does Jelly give to Murdoch and Johnny and who gets which?

351.    How does Johnny describe Jelly to Anna?

352.    What does Johnny bring Jelly while Jelly lies in bed?

353.    What does Teresa serve for breakfast the day Angus McGovern arrives?

354.    What is poisoning the cattle?

355.    Where did Anna used to work?


Measure of a Man


356.    What’s different about Johnny’s shirt?

357.    What did Turk claim was wrong with his eyes when Johnny asked him to read out loud?

358.    How many shots does Johnny fire at the toy snake that pops out of Annabelle’s lunch pail?

359.    What lesson does Murdoch observe Johnny teaching?

360.    What does the star say that the children present Johnny with? 


Devil’s Blessing


361.    How does Murdoch injure his back?

362.    What is the name of Murdoch’s friend he wants to buy stock from?

363.    Where does the friend live?

364.    What is Murdoch charged with that earns him time in the Blessing Mine?

365.    What does Murdoch give Clara to sell to get enough money to start over?

366.    Why should Clara go to Sacramento rather than Stockton?


Person Unknown


367.    What character is Tom Neville reading about in the saloon?

368.    What does Tom call Johnny’s friend?

369.    How much reward does Neville, Sr. post for Johnny?

370.    What does Mrs. Normill want from Murdoch?

371.    What does Johnny give Lucrece at the end of the story?


Scarecrow at Hackett’s


372.    What is Mr. Hackett’s first name?

373.    What is Judge Bates’ wife’s name?

374.    What is the name of Silas’ horse?

375.    Where, according to Weir, does Jelly’s sister live?

376.    Where and how long ago did Weir has seen Johnny?


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