Stories by Patti H.



His Moral Fiber

Double, Double Lancer Trouble

Johnny Madrid Was a Rebel- A Parody

His Sons - A Poem

The Impatient Christmas Gift

A Valentine for Johnny

Lancer Season One

Lancer Limerick

Irish Eyes Ain't Smilin'!

These Are The Times That Tax Men's Souls

Spring Has Sprung

Brothers In Arms

The Long & Smelly Road Home

A Bad Day in Spanish Wells


A Pocketful of Memories

One Country - One Flag

He Wears His Hat Square On His Head

Slow Ride

The Rubdown


Commando Cowboys series

The Bare Facts of It!

The Skinny of It!

Taking a Moonlight Swim

The Midnight Swim of Murdoch


Cowboy Appreciation Day series

Cowboy Up

I'm An Old Cowhand Who Found My El Dorado

The Cowboy In Me


Hot series

Hot Dang!

Hot Springs

Hot Under The Collar!

Hot Tea Time

Hot To Trot

Hot Time in the Ol' Park Tonight


Challenge Stories

By George, I Think He's Got It!

Genre Challenge - My Way

My What?

Beans Again!

To Zee or Not To Zee


Special Days stories

Johnny's Ladies

Ya Look Marvelous

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

Reap the Wind

For These We Give Thanks

Punks-a-Tangy Phil's Predication

Old Acquaintances Should Be Forgot Pt. 1

Old Acquaintances Should Be Forgot Pt. 2


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