Lancer Limerick
by  Patti H.


There was a young gunslinger named Johnny

Who the ladies thought was oh so bonny

‘Tis wasn’t a shame, what he did

Leading a charge against his homestead

With his plans made to fill High Riders with lead.


His father and brother watched in awe

As young Johnny flew his horse

Name of Barranca, of course

Down the mountains, across the glens, soaring fences

Fell to the ground, Johnny fooled them all, quiet as a mouse.


With Murdoch and Scott looking on in shock

The High Riders made their play

Lancers defended, their feet indeed, not made of clay

Why even Johnny sat up, shot a whole lot

Completing his penance, no longer would he roam.


Even today, the mere mention of Johnny & Scott

Makes ladies’ twitter as their hearts flip and flutter

The sound of the boys’ voices smoother than butter

Causes ladies to purr, moon and swoon

Over which brother they would better like to spoon!


The End


Patti – March 14, 2010






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