1965 - 1966
Laredo had an auspicious start, on Thursday at 8:30 pm. The first seven episodes especially provided a top notch combination of humor and action with a good balance among the three rangers. The characters had changed a great deal from the pilot which presented the Rangers in a darker, grayer mode. The Three Musketeers pilot mode changed to a rollicking Gunga Din style comaraderie. Peter Brown had a strong following with westerns fans from his years in Lawman. Neville Brand had received some early acclaim as an actor and made a nice transition from villain to comic hero. Philip Carey had been in many "B" movies and was also known for his starring role (one could say the title role) in a series of Granny Goose commercials. William Smith was the most unknown quantity in the mix and grew as an actor during the run of the series.
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