Seven Deadly Sins
by  Wendy K

Seven Deadly Sins:

These drabbles were inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins challenge that took place on Lancer Writers group.



Johnny, curled up on the sofa and clutching his belly, groaned as his stomach gurgled and churned. He squeezed his eyes shut and swallowed hard, trying to quell the queasiness. It felt like there was a whole school of fish flopping and wriggling around in there.

An unsympathetic voice drifted over from the chair near the fire. “I warned you.”

Johnny just groaned again.

“I told you it wasn’t a good idea but, nooo, you wouldn’t listen.”

Another moan.

“If you’re going to try and eat a whole chocolate cake in one sitting, Brother, there are going to be consequences.”



Pea green with envy, Teresa glared daggers at Harriet Wilson over the rim of her punch glass. The banker’s pretty daughter was strutting around the church social in a brand new dress - The very same dress that had been displayed in the window of the millinery shop up until the day before yesterday.

When Teresa had first spotted it several weeks ago, it had been love at first sight. The dress was an elegant confection of ruffled pink taffeta and cream colored lace and she just had to have it. Would positively die without it. Oh, how she had wheedled and pleaded with Murdoch, begging him to buy her the dress. The man had gotten no rest from his ward’s relentless campaign and, in an effort to preserve his sanity, had finally caved.

Triumphant, Teresa had rushed into Green River, intent on claiming her prize. Only…it hadn’t been there. The window of the shop had been empty. Upon inquiring inside, Teresa learned that Harriet had bought the dress, earlier that same day.

Teresa sighed despondently as Harriet floated by in the arms of a handsome cowboy, the pink ruffles of her gown fluttering softly as the pair waltzed across the dance floor.

It just wasn’t fair.






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