55 Words x 4
by  Wendy K.


Four related drabbles inspired by the ‘55 Words’ challenge that was issued at Lancer Writers in February of 2009.



She peeked through the keyhole and gazed gleefully upon the two prime specimens
of manhood. One tall, fair and leanly muscled. The other was darker, more
compact, but certainly no less handsome.

With the arrival of Murdoch’s two sons at the ranch, Saturday – bath day - had
quickly become Teresa’s favorite day of the week.


“Niña, what are you doing? Get away from there!”
Teresa straightened guiltily at Maria’s whispered rebuke.
“Peeking through keyholes? You should be ashamed!”
“I-I was j-just -” Teresa stammered.
“I don’t want to hear it. Go wait for me in the kitchen.”
After Teresa departed, Maria eyed the keyhole speculatively. “Maybe just one
quick peek.”

You're never too old...
“Maria, you should be ashamed of yourself,” Murdoch exclaimed. “Peeking through
keyholes? At your age?”
“But, Señor Lancer -”
“That’s the kind of thing I expect from Teresa.”
“But Señor Lancer -”
“Teresa is baking in the kitchen. You should join her.”
“But Señor Lancer -”
“The kitchen, Maria. Now.”
Defeated, Maria sighed. “Si, Señor.”

"Scott, have you noticed Teresa and Maria acting funny lately?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, at breakfast this morning - they were both gigglin' and
blushin' like virgins on their weddin' night."
"Hmm. Now that you mention it, I noticed that, too."
"I tell ya, Boston, women sure are confusin'."
"Yes, Johnny, they certainly are."






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