Taming the Wolf Cub
by  Vicki L. Nelson


100 words (excluding title) 

A Lancer episode Drabble, “The Kid”


Nobody steals Barranca.  Skinny, filthy, half-starved kid tried.  Took him back to Lancer.  Cleaned him up and 'whomped' him for his attitude.  Reminds me of me, had to learn my manners the hard way too.  Andy hired me for 'short money' to avenge his father's death.  Andrew Cutler was dragged to death: he wasn't a White Knight, he wasn't a drunk, turns out the truth lay somewhere in the middle: an accident.  Madrid came to town; took care of things.  Andy finally figured no one comes back from being dead.  Called off the killings and broke down in my arms. 





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