I've Been Hurt, Too
by  Vicki L. Nelson


100 Words (excluding title) 

A Lancer episode Drabble, “The High Riders” - Murdoch's Story


Never let them see you sweat.  Heard the Lancer bell toll and the cry, “Muchachos!”  Both here, at the same time?  I'm not prepared and they're right outside the door.  Even though I know what to expect from the Pinkerton Reports; I'm still surprised.  My sons:  a Dandy and a Gunfighter.  I see hatred in the youngest boy's eyes; detached indifference from my eldest who looks at me with his mother's eyes.  Which expression frightens me more?  I've been hurt, too.  Is that why I am being so cold, so distant? What can I say to make them stay?  “Drink?”






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