A Hair's Breadth Away
by  Vicki L. Nelson


100 Words (excluding title)  

 A Lancer episode Drabble, “The High Riders” - Johnny's Story


Hot Mexican sun.  A good day to die.  Wish I were dressed flashier; white just ain't my color.  Angel swoops down in the guise of a Pinkerton Agent, bribes the Rurales to save 'mi vida.'  “Your Father wants to see you.  One thousand dollars for an hour of your time.”  “For a thousand dollars, I'd go to Hell!”  Maybe take the Old Man with me.  Lost my horse, toting my saddle.  Hitched a ride with Wells Fargo.  Ended up sitting on an Eastern dandy.  Tried to get a rise out of him, but he's too well-bred.  Fancy Dan – my brother?





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