Go West, Young Man
by  Vicki L. Nelson


100 words (title excluded) 

 A Lancer episode Drabble, “The High Riders” - Scott's Story


Clink, earrings in a champagne glass.  Pounding at the door, harsh words, “I know who's in there: Scott Lancer!”  Stealing a kiss and apple, the young dandy vaults over the railing.  Sets his top hat at a jaunty angle and struts down the Boston street.  A portly man steps out of the shadows, “Mr. Lancer, is your father Murdoch Lancer?”  “So I've been told though I've never met the man myself.”  “A thousand dollars for an hour of your time.”  Money is not his motivation; boredom and curiosity brings him West.  Crushed and insulted by a barbaric cowboy.  My brother?”





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