Tempest and Sunshine
by  JEB


            Tempest and sunshine.  Stormy and sunny.  That’s how Maura Talbot would always think of Murdoch Lancer’s sons. 

The boys had been gone too long.  One spirited away by his grandfather to the other side of the country and the other taken by his discontented mother and raised in the tough towns along the Mexican border.  Both of them separated from their anxious father for twenty years or more.

             But Murdoch’s boys were home again.  Johnny was the tempest.  Not far different from that toddler of her memories.  Grown man he may be but the sparkle of mischief and that boundless energy were there every time she saw him now.  Quick to anger but just as quick to cool off and laugh.  Stormy like his father.  Lively like his mother.  Tough as nails but sometimes gullible.

             Scott was sunshine.  Not just his blond hair but also his very nature.  Good natured to a fault.  A warm smile with a laugh that was a joy to hear.  Intermediary between his father and his younger brother.  Something Maura intended to work on.  The lad shouldn’t be in such a position and Murdoch Lancer was going to hear about it and mend his ways if she had anything to say about – and she would!  The hard-headed Scotsman didn’t scare the tiny Irishwoman – not one bit!

             Tempest and Sunshine.  Johnny and Scott.  So different and yet so alike.  Murdoch’s boys were home to stay.



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