by  Shallowz


Warnings/Spoilers: Splinter Group

Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters and premises of many talented people. Essentially - not ours, no profit being made, etc. This is just for fun.
Summary: A What Happened Next scene for Splinter Group.



The barbeque had gone on for a few hours now. The day moved into twilight, and Scott smiled watching Sarah play tag with the children, laughing in a way he thought he’d never hear. He was comfortable sitting on the top of the adobe wall that surrounded the courtyard. The game took place outside of it; leaving the adults some semblance of quiet inside. Johnny had, until an hour ago, played as well. Watching his brother run after squealing children was an entertainment Scott would have never imagined enjoying. Johnny had disappeared into the house, grinning at the children’s protests, saying he needed water. That they had run him ragged.

Scott was happy to see these children not so ragged anymore, their clothes dusty from play, smiles bright and eyes shining. He knew kids were resilient, but he despised it when they were called to be. So when Murdoch folded his arms on the adobe wall by his right hip, Scott didn’t react.

“You lied to me.”

Scott didn’t fight the small smile that came to his face. Didn’t look at his father, but watched Sarah scoop up little Emmie and wondered if Sarah ever had a childhood.

“I did.”

“Why?” Murdoch’s voice was deep and quiet. He didn’t sound angry, but Scott wondered at the little bit of hurt found in Murdoch’s voice. 

“It was the right thing to do.”

“How is it the right thing?” Murdoch didn’t say it, but the ‘lie to your father’ was there, spoken or not.

“My debt: I knew they were evading the law. Any culpability was mine alone.”

“Johnny knew.” Again another statement, along with a hint of question.

“Johnny found out, and you had left by that time.”

“Scott, I understand your reasoning, but you and your brother have this infuriating tendency to put yourself at risk. And this was a risk.” He felt as much as heard Murdoch sigh. “I would appreciate some warning before I have to worry about one of my sons possibly being jailed for what they think is right.”

Scott looked at his father’s profile, and saw his pensive expression. There was no way he would have changed what he had done. The only regret was that he wasn’t able to keep Murdoch out of it. Johnny too, for that matter.

“Murdoch, I can’t change any of it. Nor would I.”

“Even knowing what it could have cost?”

“Even then.”

“You would do it again.”

Scott frowned at the question that was more of a statement. “What exactly is your inquiry? Would I help those in need? Would I break the law? Would I lie to you?”

Murdoch looked at him. “Scott, it is difficult to accept that you are willing to lie to me for whatever reason.”

Scott’s breath caught, and he stared at his father’s face. It didn’t reveal much, but there was something—only he didn’t know what. But it made him angry in a way that was sudden and fierce.

“It’s difficult to accept I have a father who doesn’t tell me everything.” Scott fought to keep his voice even, but the tension bled through anyway. It hit deep when Murdoch’s jaw tightened. “I guess we both will have to manage, won’t we, sir?”

“I guess we will.” Murdoch straightened, and with a nod in Scott’s direction left.

His stomach twisted and he turned away from his father’s retreating back.


~The End~






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