Parallel Thoughts

By Seminole 

I call this a 3 sided drabble, it shows the thoughts each person is having at the same moment in time.  Each perspective is exactly 100 words.  I hope you like it.


This was just great, Murdoch had spotted them already.  The thought crossed his mind that that's all their father ever did was hawk them!  He chastized himself, how ungenerous of you!  He looked down at his brother resting disquietly in his arms, guess he does have cause. Well, he sighed, onward into the breach!

A barrage of questions, What...Why...How in the devil!!  His brother stiffened, he rubbed his back, spoke softly...not now Murdoch!

He knew it was just the fear making him shout like that.  Leaning, take him.  He relinquished Johnny into grateful outstretched arms.



Damn he hurt, please don't drop me!  Arms held him, a soothing hand rubbed his back gently.  He could feel the vibrations on his forehead when the softer voice spoke.  The horse shifted beneath him, the encircling arms tightened.

He heard the roaring.  What now?  His head hurt, ribs too.  Dios. He thought he should try to respond, open his eyes...oops, the world lurched.  Guess not.

The roaring lion came closer.  Lions have hands?  No!  The voices, quieter now.  Another shoulder, bigger...huh?  It's wearing Murdochs' aftershave cologne?

Light breaths on his forehead, lions kiss?



What now?  I watch, they ride slowly toward me.  Johnny, infront of Scott.  His head against his brothers shoulder, brow to Scotts' neck, arms hangling loosely from his shoulders.  Why always so careless!  They'll both be the death of me!

Not so bad, comparatively minor injuries...considering others.  Give him to me...NOW!

Does he hesitate?  Why?  I quiet, I'm sorry...I'm frightened, can't he understand that?

He leans over...eases him gently down into my arms.  My anger and fright subside.  I look up, thanking him silently.

My lips to Johns' head, emotion floods me, and I kiss him.



November  2007



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