by  Sandra



This started out as a POV challenge.  It didnít quite fit the criteria since obviously I canít read and follow directions at the same time! By the time Iíd discovered that, it was too late.  The story had already been written and well, I liked it as it was.  Hope you do too!  And as always, thanks to my beta, Maddie.   


I lay beside him listening to his light breathing.  Dawn is breaking and soon he will get up.  Heís never been one to welcome the early morning, but I know that today will be even harder for him to get up.  It was so late when we got into bed last night and shall I say that he was ratherÖnow what is the English word?   Active.

Yes, he was rather active last night.  I notice that the pants he had hurriedly taken off and thrown across the bed are now on the floor by my side of the bed.  His boots are scattered in two different places.  Yes, he was in a hurry to get into bed last night.

Oh, I know that Iím not always his first choice.  There are times he has to choose another due to my being occupied somewhere else.  But I know that he will always come back to me.  We have quite a history together, he and I.  Iíve seen him happy, sad, angry, and have been there when he has been terribly hurt, both mentally and physically.   Iíve tried to give him comfort by enfolding him into my arms and being something that is old and familiar to him.

Iím no longer in the first newness of life.  Iím rather like a faded flower but he doesnít seem to mind.  His family does though.  They are rather rude about their opinion of me.  His brother teases him about me.  His father has made several snide remarks about my suitability.  Now that he is called LANCER, they think that I am beneath him.  They have let him know that he shouldnít be seen with me anymore, they feel that he can do better.

But my Johnny sticks up for me and always stands up for his right to choose.  I donít think I have anything to worry about.

I know that whether he calls himself Madrid or Lancer, he is loyal.

I do worry about that girl though.  Teresa is her name.  I get the feeling that she downright hates me.  I think she is just jealous.

I know how his strong shoulders feel and his taut stomach muscles. For all of his strength, Iíve only felt the gentleness of his hands as he rubs his arms up and down mine and plays with my neck.  Iíve heard things when she thought no one was listening and I know that she wishes she could feel these things, too.

I feel him stirring.  It wonít be long now.  I continue to lay here as he slowly sits up by the side of the bed, his back to me, pulling at the blanket to cover his middle.  I see him stretch and yawn, the muscles in his back rippling.  I know that soon Iíll be draped across those firm shoulders and I canít wait!

He starts to reach back to me when suddenly, the door slams open!  That girl waltzes into the room. Startled, he grabs me and holds me close for cover.

ďTeresa,Ē he shouts.  ďWill you get out of my room?  Iím not even dressed yet!Ē

ďJohnny Lancer! Youíve overslept and I have laundry to do.  Donít tell me that youíre going to wear that pink shirt again.  Itís good for nothing except for the rag bag.Ē

ďTeresa, Iím not gonna to say it again.  This shirt is just fine.  Itís comfortable and I like it.  And it ainít pink!  Itís a faded red.  And let me tell you something else.  I better not find out that something has happened to this shirt.  It better not disappear!Ē

And he pulls me over his head and smoothes me down across his chest.  See, I told you he was loyal!






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