The 2007 Summer Drabble Collection

By Rosalind 


May Drabble.

(A double Drabble):

The Final Report:

Johnny Lancer finished reading the single sheet of closely typed paper, then, with a little sigh he slipped it back into the envelope from which he had taken it, very carefully,   and replaced the whole thing back on the desk, exactly - he had a very good eye for detail - how he had found it.

He could not help but wonder what his father-- Murdoch Lancer-- might have done if the Pinkerton Agency reports had found his missing son to have turned out to have been nothing more than a dirt-farmer--or a store-keeper.   Would he have sent for him then, to come and help defend his precious ranch from the threat of the land-pirates so recently seen off?  Had he sent for his son, John Lancer--or had he wanted Johnny Madrid, the gunfighter and his undeniable (and useful) skills. 

He tapped the Pinkerton report gently with restless fingers and wondered if he would ever dare ask the question. Not because he was afraid to ask—but because he was, deep down inside, afraid of the answer.




June Drabble:  Who said that?   100 words exactly:

And Where Have You Been?

Boots in hand he slipped silently through the side door and padded across the darkened kitchen. With luck he could get to his room undetected. He would never hear the end of it if any of them found out about this moonlight frolic.

On occasion ‘family’ was not always all it was cracked up to be. 

Skilfully he avoided the creaky part of the floor at the foot of the stairs.

Nearly there.

‘Ole Man! I don’t know what to think of you'

Johnny’s stern voice, from the shadows nearly gave him a heart attack.





July 2007 Drabble:  A very ‘alternative’ drabble: for The High Riders.

Warning: Death of a main character at the very least.

A VERY alternative ending for High Riders. 100 words exactly.


Not nice at all.


`Look at your brother!' Murdoch gasped.

 Scott looked. The `boy' was lying on his side, pistol in hand, plainly getting ready to shoot.

 It couldn't be done from the shelter of the adobe wall. There was a  damn tree in the way.

 Scott darted out, swerving and dodging the hail of bullets coming at him from all sides.

 That was more like it. He could do it from here.

 He paused momentarily to ensure a good aim and sent a single bullet through the gunslingers dark head.

 Goodbye Johnny Madrid.




Drabble for Rat Catching Day

Johnny Madrid allowed Johnny Lancer to slide his six-gun into its holster and to the relief of the would-be bank robber, cowering in the darkest corner of the livery barn, the gunfighter (now what the hell was HE doing in Morro Coyo anyway), allowed the scruffy looking, but horribly efficient sheriff to slap on the handcuffs.

`Thanks Johnny.'  The lawman and Madrid seemed to be on extremely good terms.

`More than welcome' Madrid smiled, suddenly quite pleasant looking `just doin' my –um—Civic duty—after all--'. He tipped his hat mockingly `today IS Rat-catching day'

And No--I have NO idea why Val is 'ratcatching' in Morro Coyo. 




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