The 2008 Drabbles Collection

By Rosalind 

Spring and Summer Drabbles 


A pair of drabbles. 


Father’s day.

"Do you think we should?’  Johnny frowned at his brother’s suggestion. ‘We never have, before, have we.’

‘But I’d like to do it—just for once.’  Scott sighed wistfully

‘It might just embarrass him.’  Johnny warned. ‘And he won’t like THAT!’

‘But it IS a special occasion.’

‘And he is, isn’t he.’

‘And I think we ought to acknowledge it.  Ah—I know!’   And with Johnny peering over his shoulder, Scott picked up the pen and wrote on the neatly wrapped gift lying on the table before them.

A Happy Birthday to our father,

From Scott and Johnny.




Father’s day.  Addendum.

He fully appreciated the gift.  It must have taken considerable thought, time and effort, never to mention the cost, to have found just such a copy of a book that he had once mentioned, casually, just in conversation, as one he would like to own.

He would enjoy reading it.

But it was the few words on the plain brown paper wrapper that were taking all his attention, for the moment.

A Happy Birthday to our father. From Scott and Johnny.

Relishing those few telling word he folded the paper and placed it carefully in his billfold.




Two Good Reasons.

‘Your father wants to see you’

That Pinkerton Agent very words, even as he had untied his bound hands. 

Talk about timing—and, well:   Johnny didn’t think he’d ever been so pleased to hear that someone was ‘looking for a man named Madrid’

‘Your father wants to see you’

But why?  

‘He’s willing to give you a thousand dollars for an hour of your time’

As good reason as any other to drop by.

‘Your father wants to see you’

And the man’s intervention, however indirect, HAD just saved his life.

‘Your father wants to see you’



A drabble. 100 words, inc. the title. (and no—I have no idea what Murdoch thinks Johnny may have done (or not done) this time.)

Straight talkin'.

`No Murdoch, Johnny wouldn't do that.' Scott protested vehemently. `He loves this place, as much as you do'.

`Sometimes he has a damn funny way of showing it.' Murdoch gritted.

Scott sighed. Sometimes he despaired of his father ever understanding his younger son.

`Do YOU love Johnny?' He posed the question without preamble.

Murdoch visibly stiffened.

`What sort of a question is that?'

`One I'd like you to answer.'

`Well—of course I do.' Finally the answer came.

Scott looked him straight in the eye.

`Sometimes.' He said deliberately `You have a damn funny way of showing it'.



A Summer Challenge Drabble.  (First Impressions)


Not as advertised.  

Felicity was confused.

She had come a long way to recruit this man.

She wanted, had expected,  a  frightening hard-eyed, cold-blooded gunslinger who would talk brusque terms and agree to kill for her.

This handsome, well-mannered young man, who had greeted her so politely and respectfully and answered her sharp demand as to his identity with the quirky grin that crinkled the corners of his very blue eyes so delightfully had taken her completely by surprise.

How could this polite, soft-voiced and utterly charming young man possibly be the cold hearted killer known as Johnny Madrid. 



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