A Pome
by  Holly's Johnny Clone

First in was angst queen Cat
Fingers on the keyboard
She the one who loves to chat
Second was Diana the scribe
She'll torture Johnny Lancer
For a big fat bribe
Shortly after lewie made a post
My clone twin annoyed her
and now he is toast
Holly was next to say hello
I have to be nice to her
Cos she made me as you know
Geraldine was next on the scene
She let me kiss Teresa
So on her I'm really keen
Shivon was the sixth and well-
She's the one who's gonna
teach me to spell
sabrina here, she made seven
When I read her stories
I'm in seventh heaven
Jane came to join us making eight
This sure is an expanding crowd
And ain't it great?
On the second day along came Sprite
Just three words for her
Write write write
Hope y'all like this pome i wrote for you
It's lacking in finesse and grammer too
And i know I cain't spell like you clever uns can
But I know y'all like to torture me
Cos I'm your man.
Yes I am.
I am
I am
And Holly says she's gonna teach me how to scan.
And rhyme also, in return for some shooting lessons.



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