First Mother
by  Paula R.


Note:  Just a short piece I came up with for Mother’s Day.  It’s not betaed so any mistakes are mine to own. 

Disclaimer:  The usual stuff.  Don’t own them; want them for my own (or at least two of them); not making any profit from them (unless you count entertainment as currency); etc.





He remembered when she first told him they would be parents.  She’d brought him a cup of coffee and sat next to him on the couch in front of the fireplace.



“If we have a child, do you think he or she would have hair the color of yours or mine?”

“It wouldn’t matter.  I’d be happy even if he or she had completely different shade.  As a matter of fact, nothing about the child would matter except that it was ours.”

“How long are you willing to wait to have a family?  What if we can’t?  What if I were to tell you we will have a child in just six months?”

“I’d wait for as long as it… did you say six months?”

She smiled and brushed her hand across her stomach.  “Well as far as I can determine, that’s how long it will be.”

He sat there, stunned into silence.  He’d hoped that they would soon start the big family he would like to have, but he’d not thought… hadn’t hoped it would be so soon after moving here.

They had acquired their home less than two years ago.  He worked long hours to get things the way he wanted them.  She’d been right there beside him as he repaired the damage from neglect and that previous storms had wrought.  Then as he had worked to build up the ranch, she had worked to decorate the house.

They’d talked of having a house full of children, but that they could wait until…, well, “until” had never really been defined.  There was never a better time than “one day soon.”  It seemed that NOW was the “one day soon.”

“Sweetheart, you’ve not said anything.  You haven’t changed your mind about wanting a big family, or starting one soon?” she asked, tears welling up in her eyes. ‘What if he’s changed his mind; what do I do then?’

“I… I don’t know what to say,” he saw the tears that threatened to spill.  “I’m speechless – no, I’m just so excited, so happy, that I can’t put it all into words.” 

Then he let out a whoop that shook the rafters and made her jump. 



That was 25 years ago and now… now that child stood here before him.

“You have your mother’s eyes….”



Paula R







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